Jerusalem Dateline: 03/10/17 The Real Story Behind History’s Oldest Land Dispute

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: Jewish people and Palestinian Arabs both claim ownership of the land of Israel, but whose land is it? We take a look at the Jewish claims to the land of Israel — the real story behind history’s oldest land dispute.



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    Surah 7:73: To the Thamud people (We sent) Salih, one of their own brethren: He said: “O my people! Worship Allah: ye have no other god but Him. Now hath come unto you a clear (Sign) from your Lord! This she-camel of Allah is a Sign unto you: So leave her to graze in Allah’s earth, and let her come to no harm, or ye shall be seized with a grievous punishment.”

    Surah 7:75: The leaders of the arrogant party among his people said to those who were reckoned powerless – those among them who believed: “Know ye indeed that Salih is a messenger from his Lord?” They said: “We do indeed believe in the revelation which hath been sent through him.”

    Surah 7:77: Then they ham-strung the she-camel, and insolently defied the order of their Lord, saying: “O Salih! Bring about thy threats, if thou art an apostle (of God)!” (Yusuf Ali)

    As the above Qur’anic verses reveal, it was the Prophet Salih who was sent to the people of Thamud. As a result of the insolent act by the people of Thamud, Allah stated in Surah 17:59 that he will no longer send miracles to mankind after this tragic event. Even though the Qur’an does not specifically mention at which period of time the Prophet Salih was sent to the people of Thamud, we can say with certainty that it must have been before the time of Jesus Christ. Why do we say this? This is because according to Muhammad himself, no prophets were sent to mankind between the time of Jesus and Muhammad. In other words, the only prophet who was sent after Jesus was Muhammad.

    Sahih Muslim, Book 030, Hadith Number 5835:

    Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: I am most akin to Jesus Christ among the whole of mankind, and all the Prophets are of different mothers but belong to one religion and no Prophet was raised between me and Jesus.

    The above Hadith clearly states that “no Prophet was raised between (Muhammad) and Jesus.” Therefore, the Prophet Salih could not have been sent after the time of Jesus but before. Otherwise, it would place the Prophet Salih between Jesus and Muhammad. Hence, Allah must have stopped sending miracles long before Jesus set foot on earth. Yet, the Qur’an teaches that Jesus performed many miracles through the divine backing of Allah. It even describes some of the miracles he performed:

    Surah 3:49: And I (Jesus) heal the blind and the leprous, and bring the dead to life with Allah’s permission. (Shakir)

    How can this be possible when the Qur’an states that Allah has stopped sending miracles long before the time of Jesus? This proves that the testimony of Allah in the Qur’an claiming that he was the source behind the powerful works of Jesus is an absolute lie. By his own admission in the Qur’an, Allah could not have empowered Jesus with miracles. He simply could not be the originator of the miraculous works of Jesus. Allah lied in the Qur’an. This raises a vital question. Who then is the source behind the powerful miracles of Jesus?

  2. Every country in the whole world knows that Israel, belongs to the Jewish people from the euphrates to the river of egyot and one day all this land will be restored to Israel. Sadly, Israel is in for terrible times in the near future I hope that they are fully prepared militarily. It could come to the extent that Israel will have to determine to fight to the last man. In the end they will overcome because their God is mighty and He will save them, God Bless Israel!!! .

  3. The News were essentially, buying their own land. The News have roamed those lands, lived on those lands, throughout the Holy land s, since the beginnings of time. It's akin to the natives of North America having to buy back their own lands. So wrong.

  4. Oh my abdools who doth dwell in the land of the Jews ,this is your God speaking ,l know l said l would not contact you again but lve changed my mind ! I have observed how the Jews have obeyed their God and made the holy land bloom .Well l am a jelouse God . I want to show these Jews that my peoples worship of their God is better so l want all my abdools to move to Arabia and make it bloom ! That will show them ! The sign l shall send you to start this great Hijra will be the day that the accusesd Jews park one of their vile vehicles on the moon ! Oh my abdools doeth keep watcheth by the dayeth and the nighteth for my sign . Allah has spokeneth . P.S. Kill anyone who disobeyeth.!!!

  5. Yahova punished the Jewish people for what they did to Yahshua. Now the 70 years of indignation is over, nov. 29th 2017, a jubilee year. Now Yahova has turned his face back to Yisrael with mercies. There are two 70's in the book of Daniel, not weeks. The 2nd 70 just expired, now the redemption comes. The destruction of the nations that have forgotten Yahova is happening as we see destruction around the world. Bless Yisrael and all the 10 tribes where ever they may be, b'shem yahshua hamasiach

  6. I have never seen a group of people to lie as much as these in this video!
    God didn't give the land to the Jews, God made a two way promise with the Israelites (there were 12 tribes, the tribe of Judah being one of them, which the Jews came from), this promise was called a covenant and not only they broke their part of the deal but were also banned from returning to the land by themselves until God returns and brings them back to the land! There's much more to it, read Leviticus chapter 26 to start!
    The Palestinians have actually been in Jerusalem the longest, the kingdom of Israel only existed for about 120 years and very few fringe Israelites stayed in the area after they were expelled and banned from returning by God! So yeah the Palestinians have been continuously living in the land and Jerusalem the longer. 
    It is staggering how these people just pick and choose which part of the bible suits their narrative, but it's all in the BIBLE, read the entire book and not only the parts that suit your agenda! These people are nothing but liars!
    ​​​​​ This video is a must watch to educate oneself about this issue! You should really educate yourself on what really happened and continues to happen in Palestine and the Palestinians, and not take the Israeli government's narrative for granted! Norman Finkelstein and Miko Peled also have lots of videos and articles on the subject with declassified documents from the Israeli government disproving the Israeli government's narrative.
    Eran Efrati also has many good interviews about what's currently happening with Palestinians living under the illegal military occupation. I have never seen a group of people to lie as much as these in this video!

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