Lance Wallnau Weighs in on 'God's Chaos Candidate,' Now America's President

Lance Wallnau Weighs in on ‘God’s Chaos Candidate,’ Now America’s President



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  1. Isaiah 45
    also.. TRUMPETS.. TRUMP/Pence in the year Jewish Year 5777
    they are exactly 12 years and 51 weeks apart–almost 13…
    Pence 6/7–Trump 6/14
    Pence graduated HS in '77

  2. Two greats here! All during the election process, I went to Lance's videos and received comfort that Trump will prevail. I passed along his videos to others who I am sure became as comforted. Thanks for this.

  3. How..stupid .could .people ..Be .President .not..The..Antichrist ..GOD .Chose..him ..And. The . Liberals..Hate…Him. .Born .Again ..Christians. Voted.. For. .Hilary.. Shame..on.. You

  4. Donald Trump has toyed with running for President since the 80’s he said when asked, we’ll see what happens, he watched what was happening to our country, he said China was our biggest threat back in the 80’s

  5. Schiff,Pelosi,Waters,Nadler,the squaddies and all the Congressional Dems punishment is coming.They shall face the wrath of the living God for the way they have persecuted this Pres.The Demonic,immoral,treasonous bunch shall not prevail.

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