Why Mass Immigration May Mean the End of Britain

Why Mass Immigration May Mean the End of Britain



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  1. Goodbye NATO, Hello Ottoman Caliphate. Easiest invasion ever. And you know what, their history books will say you deserved it. People fought for centuries keeping the invaders out, thats why some countries in the Balkans and the Caucus regions are Muslim and some aren't. The ones that are Muslim, are the ones that lost to the invasion.

  2. Every Muslim woman has on an average more than 5 children .. the low European Birthrate has contributed to a great decline in the European Populace.. If every Muslim woman who came there has 5 or more kids… it ll happen by 2050 that the Muslims will rule Europe

  3. What in the hell is wrong with Washington? we have military bases all over England with enough nuclear weapons to lay the world waste and yet we say nothing as the Muslims take over the British government!

  4. Many supported Palestine ignoring the fact that Jews owned Israel before being invaded by Arabs and others.
    palestinians gathered in gaza to draw sympathy about it being over-populated so that they get an even greater part of the land until Jews are driven out or exterminated as described in hamas convention.
    now, learn it the hard way!
    in the Bible, God says : blessed are those who bless Israel and Jews; cursed are those who curse Israel and Jews.
    I will pray for Europe to stay European and I will pray for Jerusalem.
    Peace be to those who love and trust the True and living God.

  5. May? :0/ This is what happens when you don’t know that chaos is the tool of the globalists and you allow liberal minds to infest government and take it upon themselves to set policy, contrary to the good of your nation.

  6. The thing is this is always betrayed as a racial problem as if skin colour were the issue. This couldn't be further from the truth. Most people in this country are not racist but the cultural differences are so vast between ours and other cultures that they cannot mix. This has been proven over thousands of years and this is the reason why countries have borders. To stop other cultures coming in and taking over. mass immigration has never worked and will never work you only have to look at the basket cases of France Italy Germany and Sweden to name but a few to see what Mass immigration has done to those countries. All it does is create division and hatred but that is probably what the elite are looking for.

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