Tax Debt Relief the IRS Won't Tell You About

Tax Debt Relief the IRS Won’t Tell You About



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  2. That's B.S.! It's impossible and then they just say they don't have any record of your paperwork. The IRS lies, cheats and have the worst service in the world! I've been trying to set up installments for 5 months and they can't get my paperwork right.

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  4. Not a fan of this show, but that guy just took my anxiety down about 75% I just found out I owe 3,800. Morethan I've ever got in a return. Side note it's not fair that because i don't have kids I owe an extra 5,000 than someone with kids. Heck with overpopulation and environmental issues the person with no kids should get more money back call it a kickback for lessening the stress of road, not using the school system, not creating welfare, not adding to the already problematic environmental stress. I've recycled for 13 years and I only buy environmentally friendly materials, i have an old honda that gets good gas mileage for work, I could go on and on. I know people in the widwest that have several kids they don't have time to drive around looking for a plastic bin that gets moved every month to a hidden location (on purpose). I spend extra time doing stuff most people with children never even consider. They definitely dont read labels on food packaging and chemicals. wheres my check for 5-10 thousand dollars

  5. This is a lie because I was in the exact situation. Had no job, no savings and the irs claimed i was self employed without any evidence or income. When they call, it's a fake number with fake caller id. If you get a letter from them, it's a fake number that rings to a fake company.

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