T.D. Jakes: The Church has become 'Prostitutes to Politics'

T.D. Jakes: The Church has become ‘Prostitutes to Politics’



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  1. Wasn't he promoting Clinton with Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry? I remember after the election he showed a video of a black male, something happened, some kind of attack, and he showed that video fueling anger in his congregation. From that point on, I never watched his show. I did Love his show until then.

  2. now is contamination becouse is trump, but if it where Hillary probably he will be quiet, the church is big no everybody in the body of Christ is the same, i dont like when people talk about the church, wha about instead of taking care of the church and spending your time in a talk show.

  3. the church is divided but only in America, GOD chooses Presidents and now especially President Trump to protect the church, if he didn.t they would go after the church! The church is silent, that is why we have abortions, gay marriage plus now marijana, , GOD e will judge the church not the world for what it is not doing! Our forefathers would have never put up with what is going on in America now, GOD is love but he hates sin, he is a Holy GOD, GOD SAID IF MT PEOPLE WHICH ARE CALLED BY MY NAME WILL HUMBLE THEMSELVES AND PRAY AND SEEK MY FACE AND TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS THAN I WILL HEAR FROM HEAVEN AND FORGIVE THEIR SIN AND HEAL THEIR LAND! GOD is not talking to the world here but to his church his people!

  4. ….. prostitutes don’t pretend their ‘clients’ are there for any other reason than what they paid for. The church is guilty of pretending to ‘not be political’ when the whole point of sharing the gospel is about being political. You shall preach the gospel to the whole world…… and that means in most places where you’re not welcome. Congratulations. You’re being political.

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