News on The 700 Club: May 10, 2017

As seen on “The 700 Club,” May 10: FBI Director James Comey out: What it means for Russia investigation; Trump meeting face-to-face with Russia’s top diplomat, right after Comey fired, and more.



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  1. There is a file on Anthony Wiener's laptop named "LIFE INSURANCE" which contained a great number of interesting emails. Comey admits that Huma regularly sent emails, some classified, to Anthony to PRINT OUT but they end up in a file named LIFE INSURANCE!!!! Comey says he can't charge Huma for wrongdoing because he can't prove "intent"! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Comey had to go people!!!! He protected Hillary's wrongdoing and criminal activity while looking for something on Trump that wasn't there and that Comey KNEW wasn't there!

  2. It's so funny how the libs are so far gone with their blind hatred of Trump that if the man could walk on water they'd cry and say he couldn't swim. Comey was a joke, he needed to go. Watch the hearings, he claimed he couldn't prove intent even after Gowdy spelled it out for him. No wonder criminals are running our government.

  3. Any "RUSSIAN HACKING" has been COMPLETED——UNLESS THEY'RE USING "STONE-AGE COMPUTERS!!!" I'm sorry Chucky boy is THAT STUPID!!They've All been "FRIENDS"-Hillary, Comey, and Loretta Lynch (As well as others) have BEEN Close sin they ALL worked at THE Law Firm: Hogan and Hartsman—-since 2004!!!! He was EITHER  BRIBED!!  Or  THREATENED!!  The Clinton "Body Count" IS 86, that we know of…..

  4. AN ATTORNEY GENERAl who LIED about his own meetings with Russia supports Trump's decision, of course he does! Sally Yates DID NOT say there was no evidence, she said she could not speak about it in a open hearing! Clapper said he hadn't seen it. HOWEVER Clapper would not have access to any findings since Trump took office. Saying there is no evidence in the investigation, when it hasn't been completed is an ignorant argument! What we do know is that several members of the campaign have LIED about there meetings with Russians, including his attorney general who had a part in the firing! We know that a grand jury has issued subpoenas in his former National security chief, Mike Flynn! We also know and members of both parties agree, Russia tried to meddle in the election, yet you don't care enough to even acknowledge this truth! What we do is the investigation was expanding as Comey had just requested additional funds for it from congress! What we should also REMEMBER IS TRUMPS CONTINUED PRAISE OF COMEY's handling of HC. When Comey reopened the investigation of HC right before the election, he said Comey was doing a great job There several news clips of all the praise! Yet we are to believe Trump fired him because Comey treated Hillary poorly? Let's also reflect on the way in which Trump removed him from office, What kind of Leader, or person for that matter. let's there employee know they were fired by hearing it on a news report? Do you condone that to, Pat?
    Pat you and other Evangelical leaders like you have destroyed the reputation of Christianity! The only respect I have left is Russel Moore, a man who actually seems to follow the teachings of Christ! You are not bringing people to Christ, you are turning them away with your hypocrisy. One day you will answer to God for the harm you have done to Christianity! May God have mercy on your soul!

  5. thats ridiculous.. i have very hi respect for comey..
     when everyone hates you on all sides.. youre probably doing something
    difficult and proper.. he made a mistake in the elections.. he tried
    to fix it.. thats life.. referees do it all the time in sports..

    comey was in a no win situation.. investigating killary and trchump and
    russia was bound to get him fired eventually..oh well.. he gets 7 more
    years of salary and free dental

  6. What kind of person fires someone, without even the courtesy of a phone call? Each of you that defends this action should ask yourself how you would feel if you heard you were fired through a news report!

  7. I have worked in several companies and have witnessed several firings. They all fire people pretty much the same: with no warning. Your fired, your email is disabled, you badge is revoked and you are walked out. No time to create any "residual damage", or to go around trying to build a group of supporters for your side.

  8. Just like the televangelist of the 80's destroying the reputation of Christianity! As Russel Moore, head of the Southern Baptist quoted the following Bible verse: What has a man gained if he gains the world but loses his soul? I pray God that you have mercy on their souls and that you will open their eyes to the damage they doing to the Christian faith. I pray that we all have the strength and courage to stand up for the least among us and live the example that you taught us!

  9. The Attorney General didn't just have to recuse himself because of undisclosed meetings with Russians, he lied under oath saying he had not had any meetings with Russians. Rather misleading CBN!

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