Forget North Korea's Missile System. Here's What You Should Really Be Concerned About

Forget North Korea’s Missile System. Here’s What You Should Really Be Concerned About



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  1. Americans seem unable to realize that their reliance on computer technology is their major weakness and logically the North Koreans will attack their enemies at their weakest links. The only solution is to reverse course and seek peace instead of war.

  2. the President need's our prayers as his job is no cake walk! Kim need's to be removed, he should be arrested and sent to the World Court to stand trial for crimes against humanity, sadly pragmatism seems to be the order of the day.

  3. We should also remember their concentration camps.  We should remember their biological and chemical capabilities.  We should remember that Seoul is too close to North Korea for holding back projectiles.  We should remember Otto's fate.  And their incursions in South Korea. And their boms and their missiles.

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