Franklin Graham Warns US Christians of Ontario's Anti-Parent LGBT Law

Franklin Graham Warns US Christians of Ontario’s Anti-Parent LGBT Law



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  1. O Canada we stand on guard for you…..praying for a whole nation to repent and turn from our WICKED WAYS. and seek God with our whole hearts

    Lord we cannot do this. Give us new hearts of flesh. So that we choose You who first chose us.🌷Lord we do love you. Please deal with the crud of our faithless lives. On behalf of a nation we turn to You Lord Jesus. NOW

  2. Yeah may be telling us this now but do you see the church fighting this?! Nope. Just like the kid in Dallas no church fought for that child, I am highly disappointed in the churches they are more worried about money and pleasing people. This is exactly why I don’t go to church any more they are just as corrupt as the government. I’ll read my bible and pray instead. The church is a joke.

  3. The government is making it legal for schools to teach children they can chose what they are.
    This is wrong. They are losing the foothold of abortion. So now they are attacking us this way.
    The government are not acting in the best entrest of the public.
    Rather their own pockets. Taking the father out of the house isn't good enough for them.
    They are making it so children will not be able to have their own children…

  4. Well, the “progressives” are almost there. The next step is allowing mothers to sacrifice their children (up to age 6) to Baal on live TV. This will be legal since it can be classified as “late-term abortion”.
    Welcome to Babylon.

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