President Trump: 'I will be very angry' if Obamacare Isn't Repealed and Replaced

President Trump: ‘I will be very angry’ if Obamacare Isn’t Repealed and Replaced



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  1. 35.00 Dollars per week per is very affordable. My company's insurance comes to around 100.00 Dollars per week. There is no way I can afford that, not even for "1" of my family members. President Trump, please help!

  2. So refreshing to have a president adhering to the Constitutional role of the "President" and respect separation of powers. Not to make law. No to right legislation. Not to whip votes like his predecessors. Ask Congress. Let them write and pass the law. Then sign it. "Waiting for senators to give it to me". Absolutely right

  3. "Under President Trump, in only six short months, that dominance has all but collapsed. Even mid-sized countries like France and Canada are running circles around Washington. And when the most important countries in the world gathered in Hamburg, no one really cared if Washington was going to play ball or not. The world has already moved on."

  4. Donald Trump is a symptom of a nation that has completely lost sight of basic moral and ethical values, often in the name of money and/or power. Far too many so-called Christians pretend to be following Christ when they clearly are not. They are instead following a man whose entire life is all about lying, cheating, and bullying to cheat people out of their money. It should come as no surprise that he is caught up in huge scandals as President! My praise to Max Boot for bolting the GOP over his party's refusal to admit the obvious facts regarding the scandal-plagued Trump administration. Ohio governor John Kasich has refused to support Donald Trump. Governor Kasich knows about Trump's deplorable ethics and won't stand for it. Charles Krauthammer has shown a great deal more honesty regarding the situation with Trump than 98% of the GOP who is following Trump straight into horrifying destruction!

  5. the democratic convention screwed sanders n the voters and you care about trump. look at the bigger picture. your vote doesn't matter. your cattle to them… ur a commodity for tax revenue…

  6. Let's be HONEST… ANY republican Potus would have done the things Trump has done. SCOTUS app and such.. but ANY other Republican POTUS would have done MUCH more by now. Trump still has half of the needed spots vacant. He is TERRIBLE. LOOK at the mans character.. he has spent his entire life doing the exact opposite of what Christ taught. Coveting wealth,Earthly materials, and the ways of mammon. He is the crystaline essence of what Jesus told us not to do..

  7. During Donald Trump's campaign he said he was going to provide health insurance for everyone and it would be "Much less expensive and much better" The bill he supports (Trump Care) would've kicked 24 million people off health insurance
    Raised premiums, and cut medicaid by $800,000,000,000+. Quicidently (sarcasm) it would've gave a $300,000,000,000 tax cut to the top 2% of America as well as addition hundreds of billions of dollars to insurance companies.
    If you still think he tells the truth or in any way helps the working class you are an ignorant republican

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