Hagee's End Times Warning: 'The Fuse Is Lit, Every Prophetic Player Is on Stage'

Hagee’s End Times Warning: ‘The Fuse Is Lit, Every Prophetic Player Is on Stage’



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  1. been predicting the world will end every year and it has not happened yet. it will be best when hagee dies and the world can celebrate and live on. don't need doom and gloom to discourage spending. anyone who owns a business can tell you this.

  2. Pastor John Hagee is the greatest and most courageously sought after yet controversial prophets, he's receivee high acclaim from his audiences who view him,yet he's also received a lot of flame fanning pigheades hate mongering rhetoric echoing in the liberal media concerning his self proclaimed predictions.

  3. Hagee is a deceiver who, as is obvious from the remarks below, is only having an impact on rebels, the ignorant, the spiritually deceived, and the agnostic. If you have eyes and ears, know anything of God's word and anything about Satanism, the multiple and persistent lies propagated by this man are so obvious as to be laughable, that is, if his agenda wasn't so dark and nefarious. God help the people of earth to wake up and study his Word; the ONLY truth and hope left for a world headed toward death, destruction, deception, and sorrow beyond human comprehension.

  4. The Truth could not be said any better! All of the players "ARE" in play! Each step will lead the universe to it's final destination! I see you have several derogatory comments below. A friend of mine once said that if you are not bumping heads in the stream you are going in the wrong direction! Matthew 25:1-13 – This is a critical Verse "Now" Be the Wise Bride!

  5. Oh wow it happened we are dead oh nooooo yeah how about u guys stop trying to predict end of times if it hasn't happened one time out of the 20 times u told us we are not going to be here anymore

  6. "Watchman what of the night?" John Hagee is only being a servant of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    If God's Word offends you check your heart because babycakes we're living in the days of the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

  7. Yes, we are living in times when we see prophesies of the Bible fulfilled. But John Hagee is not the one to speak with aufhotity about these. He has gone of the deep end with his misinterpretations of the Scriptures😕

  8. I am so glad Jesus Christ is returning soon. This world is getting to difficult for us Jews and Christians to live in anymore. We need the King Messiah to return to take us to heaven where will be safe.

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