Pastor John Hagee on the Four Blood Moons

Pastor John Hagee on the Four Blood Moons



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  1. Please PLEASE CHURCH get with the TRUTH in Prophecy. The Truth is the blood moon is referring to A red giant star. THE DEATH OF OUR SUN TO BE EXACT..Our sun will grow several fold brighter then it will expand and Turn to a Red Color that will cause the Blood moon and that the hidden meaning behind the Blood moon. That tetrad of blood moon happens it's rare but it happens . However when our Sun starts it journey to a dead star you will see the event that will cause the moon to actually look RED. Then during that tribulation period and just a few years beyond. The Sun will turn to darkness. That the end of the suns journey. No light just a planet earth wondering in the darkness of outer space. It's atmosphere not illuminated any LONGER. That event will compare with the flood of Noah but a few odds and,ins to boot

  2. Like 3 or 4 Years ago the Lord Show me four huge round Circles line up one next to each other at first I had No idea what they meant but Now I do Thanks to Your Blood Moon Video's Mr. Hagee what is the meaning of the Fourth blood Moon?

  3. Russia is not building any kind of Muslim force. Putin and Russia are building an Orthodox Christian culture in Russia. Don’t let Hagee or the fake news fool you. Hagee’s prophecies have been debunked over and over.

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