Pray for Katy Perry

PRAYER REQUEST: Katy Perry is vulnerable during a live therapy session expressing her inner struggle to be the Katy Perry she created and who she really is Katherine Hudson. Jesus leaves the 99 to go after the 1!

**Katy Perry’s parents have asked that the Church pray for their daughter’s return to the faith.



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  1. This star has partaken in Satanic rituals and sacrifices. If she is repentant, she will plead the Blood of the Risen Lamb and celebrate and take the Communion our Lord and Saviour. Pray for her by all means, but it's only the Blood of Jesus that will get her through this and win her back.

  2. Praying for you since 2014 young Lady. GOD is still working and JESUS HIMSELF NEVET GIVE UP FOR YOU. HE REALLY REALLY LOVES YOU. thats why HE fights for your soul. from HONGKONG prayer Team. we Love you Katy.

  3. Pray for her and trust God to deliver and answer! In 2012 in her song Wide Awake she said "I am born-again Out of the Lion's Den". Let us pray she can be inspired to put more of God's Word's in her songs and that she can come out of any darkness and into the full truth and only light in Jesus. She has said it before, just pray with what is good intentions and trust God to answer. There is a lot of spiritual warfare going on here. Have Hope and Faith in what is Pure and what God can do. Also am praying for her. God is Good.

  4. I've been there before but God got me though hard times to music got me though it 2pac help me family friends videos on YouTube your music thank you miss don't be sad I love your music it helps me thank you for everything you write in your music peace and love to you miss Perry

  5. Oh poor baby. If you only had real problems. How about going for a walk thru a children's hospital and seeing kids with real problems. Talk to their parents to see real suffering. This type of vid makes me sick

  6. I prayed for her. She is just lost and confused right now and the music industry is trying to taint her and make her turn from God. But Jesus will not let that happen. He will reveal His great Love for her

  7. Hah, most christians and other religious people are going to continue to hate her and call her names because they are a lost and dying people. But they see themselves as the opposite, that is why they always loose. Truley sad on both parts

  8. I watch a Pastor named Hank Kunneman who does prophecy, the Lord tells him what to say. And the Lord told him Katy would come to Christ and there will be many shifts in the entertainment industry that will point to Christ, including music and movies. I am definitely going to keep her in prayer. Anyone can change.

  9. I felt her pain….longing in presence of our almighty father….God is with you Katherine…pull your self and be back to the original version of you which God mold you the way you should be…Godbless!😊

  10. Hi,
    I think this video is TOTALLY inappropriate!
    That's not what Ketty said! or wants! (I'm referring to the public announcement of such a video..) CBN Seems like a predator her! Put out a video that will get some fame because of the title… sham on you for Going into such a personal thing in her life so publicly! SHAM!
    you took her words out of context! Every one: go watch for yourself the full Video on the "Noise" channel with "The therapist "

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