A Dads Hug Changes Everything

Sometimes you just need a dad hug. It’s a good thing our heavenly Father is always there when we need him! Take some time to tell God Happy Father’s Day today! Shout out to this great dad #Popiando.
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  1. Okay, I respect people having their religions and whatnot. But writing "our heavenly father is greater" is kinda … Untrue. How utterly shameful and to copy a video as well.

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  3. Poor baby. Nothing bothers me more than bullies. Although, bullies are lacking something as well and attention which is why they treat others that way but it just breaks my heart. I wish my daddy was alive so he can hug me when I cry. I've needed a lot of those. But there's nothing better than our heavenly father who knows everything we go through and carries us through those hard struggle and gives us love, leave and hope. Love you Jesus!

  4. If I have a daughter someday, I look forward to treating her like that. I'm an atheist, but one thing I have in common with Christians is that I love my family members. I also have humanitarian principles. I agree that "love your neighbor" is a good way to live because kindness pretty much guarantees happiness.

  5. If God loves me so much, if god is all good, why did he take my mother when i was 4, why did he take my dad from me and put him in jail, why did u take my best friend in a car accident, why, why do you take inocent peoples lives, why do you destroyed a whole bunch of lives, that led to suicides WHY?!?!

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