MIRACLE: Mother and Son Reunite After 48 Years!

MIRACLE: Mother and son are reunited after 48 years of uncertainty of each other’s existence. Watch the LIVE video to find out how they were reunited!



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  1. God answered her prayers so conveniently when science had developed dna lol. She could have prayed as much as she want, without science and dna they would have never found each other.

  2. "48 years. Yeah, 48 years for us, but not for God." 💙 for a thousand days is one day in his courts, and a thousand years in his courts is but a day. Glory be to the Lord most High.

  3. religious people are funny. they attribute every good thing that happens to them to a god. yet when someone brings up the other kids who never reunite with their parents, or the ones dying from poverty or war or disease then you start hearing crickets.

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