Faith Nation: 3 – Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Sharyl Attkisson

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders joins #FaithNation to discuss the role that faith plays in her life! Also, our Jennifer Wishon shares an EXCLUSIVE story about Bible studies taking place in the White House.



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  1. This is a very honest question and not an attempt to be nasty.  Can anyone tell me why the Christian community seems to be OK with the non stop lying and truth twisting coming out of this administration and how you can justify defending a genital grabbing, known adulterer?  From my perspective his values and treatment of people are out of step with the teaching of the bible.  Am I missing something, if so please school me.  Thanks.

  2. Very Christian thing to do. Stand in front of a man who want's to gut Welfare by bilious and billions of dollars. Especially when the two largest groups of humans needing welfare are the elderly and disabled in nursing homes and children? What do you Christians have to say about that?

  3. I don't understand why Christian networks & shows have to be so corny & fake-sounding. The "snap" thing is, IMO, juvenile & old. The constant smiling, even when talking about something serious, is fake. Anyway, that's just my shoddy two-cents opinion. I'd just like regular people to know that mainly Evangelicals talk like that, as if they're trying to impress someone w/ their cleverness & dog & pony shows. Nothing mentioned about Jesus Christ in the whole program. (sigh)

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