New Alzheimer's Treatment, Prevention Shows Impressive Results

New Alzheimer’s Treatment, Prevention Shows Impressive Results



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  1. To say someone is "genetically predisposed" to Alzhiemer's is a joke.
    You may as well say we're all genetically predisposed to killing/raping people and stealing ! ! ! !
    It has all to do with our polluted environment and the poisons they put in our foods !!!

  2. Oxygen 15 min, 4 times a day resulted in men, who were too senile to communicate with their nursing home roommate, in two weeks were playing checkers with each other and again feeding themselves. The experiment was done at Tufts University before I graduated college in 1965. I am 81 now, retired clergy, and am planning to to do the same under Medicare. The Inogen unit is portable, like a small suitcase, & battery operated, which plugs in to juice it back up.

  3. Anyone dealing with alzheimer's or memory loss should be taking high doses of lions mane mushroom, mct & or coconut oil, acetyl l-carnitine, and Nature's Way plant-based DHA EPA Omega 3 oil, and Cordyceps mushrooms. These contain compounds that are scientifically proven to dissolve amyloid plaques and stimulate neuron growth (lions mane), feed brain cells and neuron growth (DHA, EPA, MCT), fuel mitochondria and cognition (acetyl l-carnitine), lower inflammation and kill bacteria (coconut oil), and increase blood oxygen levels and cellular ATP production (cordyceps mushrooms). Research and try these and they can dramatically shift and reverse Alzheimer's! This is coming from someone who has used these things to heal my own brain. Wishing to joyful healing! 🙏🏼

  4. DETOX and drain heavy metals and infection in the CNS (brain and spine). Nutramedix is founded by Christian doctor, Dr. Cowden and where proceeds go to Christian ministries. He has many videos on how it helps people from FM, Lyme, MS, ADD, etc because due to inflammation in the brain.

  5. Sugar causes inflammation, along with Nightshade Foods, eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes, etc. Think Vine. Including 'gut rotting' caffeine, and alcohol. Inflammation causes internal wounds, and cholesterol is our internal bandage. If your cholesterol is high, you have inflammation. Stress can cause inflammation but can be helped by getting to bed at a reasonable hour and getting full sleep. If your stress has been chronic, chances are your hormones (adrenals) are depleted, and that needs to be addressed. If you're craving salt it's most likely adrenals. Eat Organic and NonGMOs. But realize all Organics are not going to be good for you because now they're making 'snack organic' products out of high carb foods and nightshades. They still creates sugar in our bodies. Stay away from all type of products with greens in the US, they've all been genetically altered. Most supermarkets have an organic area, produce will start with a 9 for organic. Labels with both organic and non-GMO are best to start until you learn. God gave us a perfect machine! Oxygen is essential for health so exercise. Walking, running, swimming, etc., get moving. Anything fun that will get you moving, ice skating, roller skating, dance, power walk with your Walker if you need too! Take large amounts of antioxidants. Our bodies are oxidizing. Think of your body as a piece of metal rusting. A piece of metal rusting is oxidizing. As with our bodies we need to prevent our bodies from oxidizing the best we can by taking different types of antioxidants. To keep our body running well we need the best fuel for Optimum power and purpose. Once you see the map, the road to where you're going is no longer confusing. A little research with Wisdom, go a long way in living an abundant life.

  6. Aluminium fluoride the most deadly toxic industrial waste, the German jewish nazis scientist started it in the second world war in the jewish ghettos to numb their brains, it causes osteoporosis, liver and kidney damage, a low iq in children, hyperactivity, pineal gland problems, liver and kidney problems, a low sperm count in young males, gender changes, birth defects in babies, cancer, dementia, the list is endless, then the German scientists went to America and carried on with their experiments on the American people, it causes the body to swell, they put it in your drinking water, antidepressants, toothpaste, statins, the list is endless, why do they put 5,000 parts per million in adult toothpaste, to speed up dementia,it gets into your saliva, this is only part of the truth, Why is it banned in Germany if it is so good for you, it also causes mad cow disease in animals, the Russian aluminum smelting plants pump it straight into the sea it is killing the beluga whales with cancer, fluoride is very corrosive it eats your brain and body, they blame fast food to cover their tracks.the big jewish pharmaceutical companies gread. was this book sponsored by colgate.

  7. Not enough to test only for Alzheimer's gene. Must also get genetic test such as 23 and Me for genome testing for Methylation and other related defects. Lots of people have significant Methylation defects (as well as other related defects having to do w sulfur and histamine, and others)
    These people cannot rid body of toxins as most do, so toxins accumulate over lifetime. There are ways to deal with this. See Integrative Medicine MD, DO, or naturopath or Orthomolecular Health practitioner, who can help w this. Treat Methylation and other defects in metabolism. And detox! People with related sulfur/sulfite problems can safely detox with micronized, pure, ZEOLITES. (As most chelators and binders contain sulfur thiols.). Vaccines are known me be dangerous for those w Methylation!action defects. These are the kids that end up w autism and adults w autoimmine!

  8. Stay off the Keto Diet, only eat the Healthy Fats, such as Coconut oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil,. You need to eat a plant based diet, Exercise daily, 20 to 40 minutes of Sunlight a day without Sunscreen. Keep your stress down and keep trim.
    Stay away from sugar, alcohol, processed foods, only eat non-GMO.
    People in Calif have a higher rate of Alzheimers, because of the toxic air, and the toxic cxhloramine water.
    Concentrate on eating 2 table spoons of unrefined coconut oil a day.
    Do all this and you will beat Alzheimers.
    This ladie and Doctor are way off.

  9. In order to relieve the symptoms of the disease remove the hair by tweezing from the bodies hands, wrists, and feet. This should have a significant positive outcome for the patient. Thank you.

  10. Remove sugar, refined flour and processed food. Cultivate an active lifestyle, remove stress, have good sleep, help me to change my PB from 200/110 in 3 months! No meds from doctor. Any disease can be reversed! Coventional doctors do not know what they need to know. Sorry to say they don't not know a whole lot.

  11. My opinion to Alzheimer's is caused by stress..everyone I have known to get Alzheimer's has had badly mental health. Really caused by abuse, sickness, losing a child. So all goes back to the stress hormones..

  12. here's the sad part…..they had to google this doctor's treatment rather than their own doctor recommending them to seek that treatment. How sad is it that doctors can tell you there's nothing they can do while a treatment is actually available. Normal people shouldn't have to be able to do medical research in order to not die or lose their life…

  13. Loll and what if i told you they found the cure for Alzheimer's but you wont believe the cost. XD 150000$ per pill. Pharmaceutical says: its a good buy.
    While citizens says health shouldnt be about money. But hey white people will be whites

  14. My Mom is suffering for the past 3 years and getting worse. I am the one in the family who is on board with a reversal. I sent this info about this book and lots of other info on reversing this dis-ease but my siblings refuse to even read it or give it a try. They are leaving it all up to the Drs. One of my siblings is a nurse and she is a huge distraction and stressor in my moms care.

    Because of their ignorance and just don’t care attitude Mom is suffering and dying in spirit and body.

    I try to give her organic foods and supplements but the days I’m not there my siblings give her whatever without a conscious or care. I can only be there 3x weekly.

  15. Just take your coconut oil, people, 1 teas 3 times a day to start, no drugs needed and no side effects. It starts working in 4 hours. Refer Dr Mary Newport. Her husband's story is mandatory for everyone.

  16. The Alzheimer's disease is put into our food and drugs by means of chemical compounds and preservatives. Ever wonder why kosher food has no preservatives or chemicals in it?
    It is also can be an attack on the brain by the unseen spirits.

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