Kellyanne Conway to CBN: President Trump Exemplifies Humility

Kellyanne Conway to CBN: President Trump Exemplifies Humility



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  1. Wow CBN! What happened to you guys? You used to stand for something. Now you've fallen for the greatest con man the world has ever seen. Are you that desperate, CBN, that you would make a Faustian deal in order to get your agenda passed? You know how Faust ended up right? Or maybe since you believe heavily in the end times that you think backing Trump would hasten the arrival of the end times? Hmmm…

  2. Trump so loves Anerica that 105 of 130 Donald Trump products are Made in China
    Ivanca so loves America the the 869 products available at the Ivanka Trump store are 100% made overseas with 464 Made in China
    Im not going to make excuses for these liars

  3. That ridiculous humility comment aside, if Trump isn't vying for bankability, power, greed, status, etc, why is he promoting his products, focusing on himself, his resorts. The whole "interview" was sheer propaganda.

  4. Just the fact that CBN did an interview with her was comic. Every president should have humility no matter what when they decided to put themself into office for President. Notice that she tries to exemplifies the President not any politcian of Texas.

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