Jim Carrey Delivers A Speech To Former Inmates

Jim Carrey ~delivers an inspiring message to former inmates! “Ultimately, I believe suffering leads to salvation… We have to somehow except and not deny – but feel our suffering.” Full article here:



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  1. I believe Jim Carrey was given the opportunity to visit Heaven and came back as a changed man. He is totally transformed. His eyes are in awe like if he witnessed something very wonderful. He's showing all the signs people get after an OBE experience. He became spiritual and an amazing painter. People normally come back from that experience with the gift of fine music and arts. I wish he could tell us the story of the things he saw in Heaven. I'm sure it was AMAZING.

  2. Not sure why The Christian Broadcasting Network is promoting New Age thought.
    I saw a video from Jim Carrey from only a week or two ago labeled under the description as "Law of Attraction". We're in danger of blending beliefs that will become part of causing "the great falling away". Only that which is built 100% on the Rock (Jesus Christ) will withstand to the end. We must test everything and remember sincerity is not a guarantee of truth. (Nor are our experiences in the supernatural.) Hold fast to the Faithful Word and hide it in your heart and pray for discernment and for each other. It's easy to be lead astray in these times but God will lead and keep us from error when we resist being conformed to this world and renew our mind to His Word following Him alone…

  3. Suffering is the only way to salvation? Ummm … Well, it's nice that he thinks Christ is nice, but he doesn't sound like he knows the way to salvation one bit. Just what was it he said "opens the gates of heaven for all of us?"? Jesus? Nope. Also, what was with using that footage from the unbiblical movie? I admire this channel's passion, but they're so milky-weak, they fall for anything that says "Jesus" without openly mocking him.

  4. Pray for Jim people. He's been through a traumatic experience and has a religious background like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. I saw an interview where he said, "I prayed to the Virgin Mary for a bicycle when I was a kid and got it! I never stopped doing it."

  5. Asking Jesus to forgive our sins, and welcoming him into our lives, and hearts, and becoming born again; that's what opens the gates of heaven for us. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the Father but through me!"

  6. If he is on the road to Christ and understanding that, leave him be. Tons of branches of Christianity don't even believe in Jesus the same way. So let's relax a bit. He is a lot closer than others in Hollywood.

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