Nabeel Qureshi and His Prayer Request Before Passing Away

UPDATE: Nabeel passed 9/16/17
Now we ask that you pray for the Lord to comfort his loved ones.

URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: Ex-Muslim turned Christian apologist, Nabeel Qureshi, is asking YOU to pray for a miracle in his body! Doctors say his time is over! Nabeel is on Ravi Zacharias speaking team and travels the world sharing the gospel! Please join us in prayer and share this video!
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  1. If they ever ask you, what was The biggest regret that a human being ever felt just tell the story of this guy. I wonder How he felt when The angels came for him and asked him those questions, I know he won't be Well conscious. Brothers and Sisters what makes our people turn to the other side is Influence make sure Your children learn the religions very well before you raise them in a country of other religions coz it will change them. Make them strong enough. Although I know you cannot guide someone someone you Love without God's permission. God guides the right way .

  2. Why is he calling God? He forget to call Jesus 😂. “And when harm touches you upon the sea, those that you call upon besides Him vanish from you except Him (Allah Alone). But when He brings you safely to land, you turn away (from Him). And man is ever ungrateful” [al-Isra’ 17:67].

  3. Quran 2:210 Do they await but that Allah should come to them in covers of clouds and the angels [as well] and the matter is [then] decided? And to Allah [all] matters are returned.(211)Ask the Children of Israel how many a sign of evidence We have given them. And whoever exchanges the favor of Allah [for disbelief] after it has come to him – then indeed, Allah is severe in penalty.(212)Beautified for those who disbelieve is the life of this world, and they ridicule those who believe. But those who fear Allah are above them on the Day of Resurrection. And Allah gives provision to whom He wills without account….

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