Puerto Rico 'Destroyed' by Maria: Power Gone, Telecom 'Collapsed'

Puerto Rico ‘Destroyed’ by Maria: Power Gone, Telecom ‘Collapsed’



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  1. Why is disaster striking these socialist countries? They had nothing before and they have nothing now. They are at the mercy of other people's money. Maybe it's time they learned how to fish. Even Texans are learning a hard lesson. God has allowed all this disaster to happen for a reason. When we mock him, bad things happen.

  2. Health alert for Puerto Rico – an itchy dermatitis (skin inflammation):  Because of the flooding, people there may develop snail fever, (Schistosomiasis also known as bilharzia).  It is a serious disease caused by parasitic flatworms.  It is spread by contact with fresh water contaminated by these parasites. The infection can be serious.  The parasitic flatworms enter the body through the skin.

  3. Where are all the rich American billionaires like Zuckerberg and Buffet and Bezos and Bloomberg. They could buy the entire island for cash, yet they choose to sit on their ill gotten fortunes and not life a finger. How hard would it be for Zuckerberg to write a million dollar charitable contribution. And this egomaniac wants to be President??? How much would it mean for so many. Sick, sick times we live in. No one cares about anyone but themselves.

  4. The USA and Russia should consider shooting down the UN planes seeding the storms and setting fires. When will we join up and show that they are using storms earthquakes and fire to attack other countries? Talk about it and show and we all condemn it.

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