Redemption: 45 Years Later, Vietnam War's 'Napalm Girl' Shares Her Journey to Christ

Redemption: 45 Years Later, Vietnam War’s ‘Napalm Girl’ Shares Her Journey to Christ



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  1. That woman just needs peace and a life to live away from everybody, when your own county stops your studying that is a big problem and I would have to leave if I was rejected so harshly. Im not fond of the vietnamese but i empathise with her suffering.

  2. Very touching story. The sad part is that the US are still creating victims like these. Unfortunately they still live (barely) in countries like Vietnam, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria and on and on, and doesn't have a platform like Kim has.

  3. She was last week in our school, dresden international school, she won the german peace price and one of our teachers husbands knew the husbands of kim phuc, so she visited our school and talked more about it, it was great and it was nice to see her in real life, It was still sad to see her crying, she survived 17 operations and was in the hospital for 3 years

  4. I went through a divorce 2015. I heart was in a dark place like her. I also was saved by Jesus eventhough I was raised in the Catholic religion I didn't know Jesus. I didn't know the gospel. All i knew was religious rules. The pain was so great that Jesus had intervened and saved me. Because of his love the free gift of salvation I was able to forgive my ex husband and live in joy and peace. Just like her I want everyone to receive this gift of salvation like me.

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