Jerusalem Dateline: 10/27/17 Crisis in Kurdistan as Kurds Lose Key Area

Crisis in Kurdistan as Iraqi army, Iranian-backed militias take over key territory; plus Christian media from around the world attend historic summit in Jerusalem; and a Holocaust survivor celebrates one hundred years and counting.



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  1. Christmas are angry about only Christian!!!but Jewish are angry about Kurdish Muslim Kurdish ezides really all Kurdish and Christian in Kurdistan. It is mean Jewish religion is better then Christianity and Islamty!!!

  2. I call BS on all this cause he US supported the war in Iraq that caused ISIS to rise (with US help) that wiped out nearly all the Assyrian Christian communities. the turks and kurds both killed Christians during WW1 and still do. i have never been more embarrassed to be a US citizen and a Christian. CBN disgusts me

  3. Kurds control northern and northeastern Syria, this will be their new state. The US will only give minimal support to Kurds in northern Iraq to encourage Kurds to move to Syria. Turkey doesn't need to fear a Kurdish uprising once they (Kurds) have a state in Syria. The US could not be stupid enough to let the Kurds be destroyed, as Israel falls next once Iran officially annexes and absorbs Iraq.

  4. The US doesn't understand the opression Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria has committed against Kurds. Only Kurds knows the pain and suffering, that is why we choose to go ahead with this Referendum, because you have absolutley no idea how it is to live under these oppressing countries… it is a nightmare. KURDS HAD EVERY RIGHT TO GO AHEAD WITH THEIR REFEREDUM. Kurds have waited long enough and it has already been to late.

  5. Irak, Turkei, Syrien die sind alle künstlicher Länder wurden nach dem ersten Ersten Weltkrieg durch die weltmächte Frankreich und Großbritannien damals wegen Interessen diese Länder erzeugt, wo man Kurdistan im Vier teile geteilt, aber alle müssen wissen das wir Kurden wiederum Kerkuk und andere teile Kurdistan vom hände der trickreichen Araber befreien und alle sollen wissen wir Gründern unser Liebe land Kurdistan, es lebe Kurdistan und Israel.

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