'If Love Is Love, I Wanna Marry My Child': Australia's Slippery Slope Toward Gay Marriage

‘If Love Is Love, I Wanna Marry My Child’: Australia’s Slippery Slope Toward Gay Marriage



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  1. When you have to lie in order to win, you know you’re on the wrong side of the issue. Allowing gay couples to civilly marry will not prevent children from calling their parents mommy and daddy. That’s absurd.
    Children and goats cannot consent to an adult legal arrangement. It takes a special level of stupid to not understand such a simple concept.

  2. Yes to equality! Yes to love! Yes to gay marriage!

    God and His true children have made this clear.

    The haters will be gnashing their teeth and soiling themselves in rage, but decent, enlightened voices are singing praises for the victory.

    God's will be done!

  3. Tbh i can see real potential issue with this LGBT things. But guess wut i support LGBT cos i dk they funny as fock. And they pretty emotional straight forward too. They act more like a girl than some real girls dude. And also an LGBT is an attractive and talent women's best friend. because they never get jealous and always support them. I dk its fun to see man.

  4. Why are people so stupid why cant humans understand and agree with each others differnce if gay people are ok with straight people being on this earth why cant some straight people be ok with lgbt people living in this earth I STAND FOR EQUALITY

  5. Tell me one gay person who has been “persecuted”? Not only has none been persecuted, us Christians get not say in this in the sense that we are the ones who are getting persecuted and bass things are said against us. Does our faith not express itself through your brothers who have fallen for what we believe in? Have you no sympathy? We love that you guys stand up for what you think is right, but you should of given it more thought. It is useless having a couple who cannot bring forth a child.

  6. AUSTRALIA used to be a Christian country, but we were TOO kind by letting non-Christians in. Now as a present for letting us into Australia, we now lost you with the isis and bad groups of terrorism. Thank you for saying yes Australia (sarcasm)

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