How Fast, Fake and Processed Foods are Killing Us

How Fast, Fake and Processed Foods are Killing Us



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  1. This guy is just way too old and slow to be on a chat show… it's ridiculous. He is hunched over can barely open his eyes can barely speak or think of how to construct his sentences… what is the point of having someone clearly so close to the end of their lives on a chatshow for the public? I'll never understand the US.

  2. Watch the effects of sugar on a rat's brain you can find that on YouTube and also watch Dead Doctors Don't Lie you'll be amazed about dr. Joel Wallach and his knowledge dr. Joel Wallach was sued I forget how many times by the Food and Drug Administration in the states and he won every court case

  3. For years and years I had heartburn and it was just in this last two years that I discovered that there was one thing that was really giving me heartburn and is calcium chloride it's in flour and cheese and other products and as soon as I stop consuming anything with calcium chloride my heartburn has disappeared and that in itself is not needed in the flour what they do to the flour they strip it of all its nutrients..
    Go see how the Hutterites in the Mennonites live. It's a different lifestyle it was a lifestyle I was brought up as a kid a my father would not allow me any junk food in fact in the sixties I remember him looking at a box of Kellogg's Corn Flakes and I said to him why are we not having missing our house anymore and he says look what they put in it it chemical that has BHT and BHA he says we are not going to eat this it's going to kill people and this was in the sixties he said that's so we stopped having corn flakes in the house and then it was just once a month we would go to a fast food restaurant when I was a teenager so that he could say that I've been there done it because he didn't want me to feel left out now it's a natural thing for people to go 2 fast food three times a day no wonder we have cancer no wonder we have dementia no wonder we're forgetful no wonder we have skin rashes and our teeth are falling out but that's not the only thing that's causing us health problems it's stress Etc and I wonder why we have stress we want to live the fast life convenience consuming find Plastics ruining our Earth all for the sake of money and look at the future generation we're destroying our Earth stop it stop buying plastic stop buying Saran Wrap stop buying plastic toys for kids like toys and us we are responsible

  4. The thing about having even cold pressed olive oil is that it does go rancid and when it becomes Rents It it creates free radicals and then that destroys the cells.
    There's a company that bottles olive oil and its cold press but they put the date on it and they put the expiry date on it as well as the day it was cold pressed and when you do have an oil make sure you keep changing it into a smaller bottle because the space between the oil and the top of the lid is what makes the oil go rancid faster you don't want any head space in there no air space so make sure you keep changing it so that it decreases in oxygen around the oil but best of all use butter grass-fed organic butter and if you can't afford that at least switch to butter from oil dr. Joel Wallach explains why oil in the bottle is not good for you

  5. We need cholesterol for our brain I remember one year I had absolutely no butter no fat in my diet and I suffered severely from PMS and my doctor asked me "do you have fat in your diet"?
    I said there is absolutely no fat and he replies "Well put fat in your diet, especially butter, because your brain is made up of a high portion of fat". So as soon as I did then my PMS literally disappeared!
    I mean I was a real witch with a capital B LOL. Always crying with mood swings, even when I had no P.M.S. All because I wanted to lose weight but that didn't help because I was consuming too many of the wrong carbs.

  6. We need resistant starch for example if you Jake potatoes and cool them down they no longer cause and spike in your insulin so if you want to lose weight and you love potatoes change to potato salad but don't put a whole bunch of mayonnaise on that he's right about the resistant starch and even with porridge goes into your system slowly and it doesn't spike your insulin and you do not gain weight with pordge that's another reason to eat resitant starch..
    Great for your gut bateria.

  7. Make your own yogurt with organic milk heat the milk on top of the stove into a hundred degrees then add yogurt starter swish it around with a whisk put it in a big ceramic Bowl cover it up with plastic or with a towel put it in the oven and overnight you have yogurt put it in the fridge it's that easy don't eat chemical yogurt the stuff that you buy in the store is garbage unless it's organic or natural you don't want chemicals you don't need them learn how to be self-sufficient what is all of a sudden think about this all the grocery store stop making it available for us to just go in there and they shut the doors on us do we have canned foods that we produce their self did we have a garden think about it a government can do whatever they want when they want. Go back to the Garden of Eden there's a book out there it's called back to Eden I would suggest if you're a person who wants to be self-sufficient read that book

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