Why Women Live in Fear in the First 'Feminist' Nation

Why Women Live in Fear in the First ‘Feminist’ Nation



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  1. Sweden should remove cross from flag, it's offensive for new Swedes. I hope this will be first country in Europe with sharia law and great example for whole continent maybe this will save the rest of Europe. So Sweden you do it well don't stop.

  2. Omg but but buuut i thought that islam is a religion of peace. What the beep happened? My God it is like the right-wingers were right once again but we can't just figure out why. Just like with the gay rights that the right warned thats going to derail to the point where in Canada 2 parents abuse their boy with hormone treatment, once again we can't find the link between right's warnings and leftists lunacy.

  3. 🙁

    When I was a young boy growing up here in Sweden in the 2000s, I had seen signs and symptoms of "a specific group of people who never listened to the teacher and thinks of the Swedish people as weak and squishy". I never payed any attention these patterns growing up, even if these non-swedish actions were taking place in front of me.

    I especially never bothered to question why students with a middle-eastern / Mediterranean background, about 95% to 99%, never wanted to sit in the same table as white Swede when it was time to eat lunch.

    And here I am, 2019, and i am both angry and upset that my step-country, who I had admired at a young age, lied to me this whole time. My step-country doesn't care – doesn't care a out being eaten alive; doesn't care about productivity, doesn't care for it's own people and culture; and doesn't care about immigrants and people who's been born and raised here (yours truly).
    With this attitude of "uhu… yeah… so.. mind youroen business you ignorant outsider… you don't know what your talking about." Sweden will most likely, if this keeps up, gleefully commit cultural suicide.

    And all because sweden just wanted some imaginary brownie points.

  4. The Swedes behave this way because they see themselves as vastly superior to Arabs-Islam. This is their way of showing how "nice" and "intelligent" they think they are to those who are beneath them. They see Arabs-Islam as "more oppressed" than White-Liberal-Feminist women so White-Liberal-Feminist women must subordinate themselves, show obeisance, behave with guilt, shame, humility, etc towards Arabs-Islam.

    Basically, their Worldview demands that whoever-whatever is "superior" must debase themselves-itself before whoever-whatever is "inferior", according to their (the Swedes) value judgement.

  5. Amineh Kakabevah wants to stand up to Islamic treatment of women. But she joined Sweden's left party? LOL!!! She expected leftists to support her quest? LOL!!! You cannot protect women from themselves.

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