Denzel Washington on Social Media

Denzel Washington warns young people about an overlooked danger that could be destroying them: “We all want to be liked, but now we want to be liked by sixteen million.”

Watch the full interview for more, November 22nd, on Studio 5 with Efrem Graham’s Facebook Page!

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  1. He is right!! this is why I hate when society or when people blame technology/social media on how the world is today. Everything is about CHOICE. you decided to go on your phone or play on your console. Remember the CHOICES and DECISIONS dictate everything you DO IN LIFE.

  2. I'm completely off from Facebook. Been 4 years now & trust me people, my life is much better now. Time to focus on Instagram as I'm kinda getting addicted to it nowadays (p.s I'm a photography enthusiast.. it's my platform to showcase my work) so, it's getting hard for me to get out of it.. Anyways, Do follow me on Instagram @vamsi9743 😂🙈🤣

  3. This is what I like about this actor. He's very sincere and honest person. I had instagram account back in 2011 but then I deleted it. I am currently 18 and all my friends ask me to create a new one, and I simply don't. Social media is too different from reality tbh.

  4. Is true we used to be like by 1 person in the past but now we want 16 million peope strangers to like us i just want the money to be honest 🙏🙏🙏🖤🖤🖤 that's why i want a be in Show Business

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