Why History says Jerusalem Belongs to the Jews

Why History says Jerusalem Belongs to the Jews



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  1. No evidence Mohammed ever went to Jerusalem . Where's the evidence any indivisual Israeli's ancestors were in Palestine 2000 years ago , no evidence that Solomon or David or Jesus were there besides stories .

  2. Why didnt the Jews build their Temple before Islam came ? When the Muslim army arrived to Jerusalem , there was no Temple or a single stone ontop the sanctuary but was used as a garbage dump , they had hundreds of years to build it before Islam . Only after the Muslims built it jews decided they want it .

  3. The Temple of solomon is ontop the the threashold of David, which is SOUTH of the Temple and has already been discovered and excavated . The Sanctuary was the Roman fort for the army beofre they abandoned it .

  4. There was no physical Masjed on top and Mohammed didnt visit or pray the conventional way but by spiritual miraculous way . The sanctuary was holy from ancient times because in Islam it is said that Adam built the first masjd in Macca and the second masjed in Jerusalem .

  5. What The Muslim council wrote is based on the universal belief , for TOURISTS TILL NEW ARCHEOLOGICAL DIGS SOUTH OF THE AQSA discovered David's threshold where the Temple of Solomon according to the Bible was built , NOT ON THE MOSQUE SACTUARY.

  6. Adam, Abraham, Moses, Devid, Solomon, jesus, Mohammad – all are prophets of Islam,

    Jews are not true follower of almighty, they were once but later misguided by their leaders and spiritual personalss, So almighty sent Mohammad (PUBH) to guide them, but they even denied Mohammad.

    Not only arabs,but every Muslims around the globe have right on each inch of Jerusalem

    Muslims are the chosen nation of god and holy land belongs to muslims

  7. For the Shiah, the third holy city of Islam is Nadjev and not Jerusalem. Why is Nadjev the most holy city of Islam after Mecca and Al Medina ? Because the Imam Ali who founded the Shiah was tortured, put to death and buried in Navdev 1400 years ago. And this is the reason why no Shiites are living in Jerusalem, because Nadjev is more important. Muhammad was not buried in Jerusalem but in Al Medina while the King David and Jesus were buried in Jerusalem. Islam is a racist religion because it is forbidden for a non Muslim to visit Mecca or Al Medina, while people who are not Christians or not Jewish can visit Jerusalem and all the holy places.

  8. ISLAM has only two holiest shrines Mecca al makramah nd Medina al Munawwar. Jerusalem has no place in ISLAM. Infact the masjid Al Aqsa is somewhere near Kaaba invicinity of around 35kms. And Israel as a country was not even born when Moses pbuh died and he was buried in a cave near Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the place where Moses pbuh recieved revelation and it was the promised land.

  9. Some pagan can claim the whole world is theirs according to history. You're killing people on the land and everyone knows it. Killer is so just to take people's lives and land. How righteous Trump is everyone knows.

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