'Jesus in My Messiah' : Jewish Woman Comes Face to Face with an Angel, Gives Life to Christ

‘Jesus in My Messiah’ : Jewish Woman Comes Face to Face with an Angel, Gives Life to Christ



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  1. Couldn't stop tearing up while you were sharing your story. Had my encounter with Messiah too and his name is Wonderful. Thanks for sharing with the whole world. There's so much suffering everywhere and people need to hear that there is a Saviour who cares and loves and wants to heal them. He is Jesus, Alleluia!!😃

  2. Wrong – you are not observing 613 laws. Some apply only to priests during Temple times. Others only apply to Jewish farmers. Still others apply only to women, or only to men. Next, you definitely were not raised in a practicing Orthodox Jewish home. Most likely, Reform – the most wishy-washy of all. No wonder you turned to idol worship. Look up Rabbi Singer (I am in no way connected with or know him) and get yourself deprogrammed. Seriously, a supernatural encounter is NOT how we know who Mashiach is. Jeez.

  3. im coming a jew and i kno jesus u could of stayd a jew cos every one was all jews i wont stop knoing him cos i want be jew its the right one the others all made up not every thing is true in the christian thath made up lot it and i had met lot bad ppl in churches there not jenuine nice ppl alot them are creepy jews not creepy and sexuly abuce children christians do i dont like them cos what there like and they get away with murder i never ever be christian again i came out cos what there like there creeps and lie lot them and want money off ppl there sick ppl lot not all alot them so be careful i now want be real jew

  4. 7ft. Angel?😂😂😂 how the heck did she know it was 7 feet tall? What did she take out her 10 foot pocket tape to find out? This is so stupid and ridiculous. This woman who is claiming to be Jewish does not hold any aspects of a Jewess. Obviously this is a snare to try and bring more "Jewish" money to the Christian cause.

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