Israeli General: Next War with Lebanon Won't Be Like 2006

Israeli General: Next War with Lebanon Won’t Be Like 2006



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  1. Israel can bark all it wants…they know that next round will be a nightmare for them know that hezbollah is on the akeart with precision missiles to hit damona nuclear plant and all the ammona depo storage in the country and including their offshore gas terminal.
    Go ahead pisrael… hit hezbollah if you have the balls.

  2. Israel had all the air superiority it wants in the 2006 war against Hezbollah and yet when they sent in the infantry, only managed a 7 mile penetration in one month. Airforce is good if you want to scare the public and ruin the buildings but it won't save you from a certain defeat by a determined army. Your Bible describe it best when it says they would trample over their enemies like potters walk on clay

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