Dr. Valter Longo Explains the Longevity Diet that Mimicks Fasting

Dr. Valter Longo Explains the Longevity Diet that Mimicks Fasting



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  1. There are things im not agree with this doctor…. example…. Coffee, he recommends three cups on a day…. coffee is the first on the list of carcinogens, it contains big amounts of benzopirene a substance highly carcinogen due to the roasting process… It is what most destroys the telomerase which is the shield the cells have to protect against cancer.

  2. Yet another one. Gosh.
    People keep your money. Fasting is free. What are your individual issues, research that.
    I have been making snake juice at home to lose weight and shrink my breast cancer and fibroids. So many protocols you can follow to help yourself without the drugs people. Snake juice diet is a start for all. Slap in the face reality we all need. Check it out.😁

  3. I have been fasting for over 8 years snd I will tell you the best way to do it. This is dribble for the masses and will not improve your health.
    Firstly in order to lose weight you hace to be in a weekly calorie deficit (figure it out), but in terms of fasting start with 16-8 protocol daily.
    When your body adapts to this as well as your lifestyle to this protocol shorten it to 20-4 or even 20-2 so you are basically eating once per day (preferably in the evening). That's it!.
    If you want to incorporate longer fasts like I do follow a protocol such as this.

    4 days per week (16-8 or 20-4 or 20-2) I do 20-2 from Monday – Thursday.
    Then fast from the 4th night up until the 7th day in the morning (60-64 hour fasting) then eat BIG on the last day of your week. For me it falls on Sunday where I consume upwards of 11,000 calories and my total weekly calories are 22,000 calories. Half of them consumed over just 1 day.
    Other things that are important is you have to exercise/lift weights at least 3 times per week, every other day is best and carb cycle the feeding days. My routine example Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun (workout days) high carbs on Tues-Thurs and Saturday training is no food day as part of the extended fast so training is done fasted like all my days anyway. (Tues-Thurs-Sat) (rest days) low carbs. (Sunday feast day). By Sunday morning before feast I am down to a super lean 81kg bodyweight before feasting and up to 88kg after feast on Sunday night and this repeats so my bodyweight tapers off during the week.

    So what is important is let's say you calculated your weekly calories based on your lifestyle to be 15,000 calories in order to lose weight. It doesn't matter if you consume say 5,000 calories up until the 6th day and then you smash out the remainder 10,000 calories on the very last day of the week. You will still lose weight because it only matters that you do not exceed your total weekly calories.
    Think about the example above if you split your calories for the week and consumed only 5,000 up until the 6th day, your will be feeling a little more tired by the 6th day yes and hungry than usual and your bodyweight will have dropped significantly and by this point your metabolism/hormones may begin to slow down as you are not giving it enough food over those days BUT you reset everything because the last day of your week you will give the body a whopping 10,000 calories and this re-feed day is very beneficial in so many ways. You WILL NOT GAIN WEIGHT OVERALL BY DOING THIS because as i said as long as you hit your weekly calories you will continue to lose weight overall and the great thing is those 10,000 calories can be from any foods you like. I mainly fill out my 11,000 Sunday calories with mostly junk food, yes pizzas, ice creams, chocolates etc…

  4. OK Beverly L not disputing a word but it costs $250 American dollars for one 5 day period and frankly I don't care where it is going. I don't live in California; yes I am vegan and sensible about it; watched a 2 hr podcast with Rich Roll which was a bit uncomfortable because Longo eats fish 2x a week … I like Rich Roll that particular interviewer because am a recovering addict and certainly for the 1st 2 yrs tracked through a computer app to the best of my knowledge what was the nutrient breakdown/macro/micro — I was low in selenium and 4 Brazil nuts/mo solves that; interview too short and so much attention that Longo knows will help his research project, but has no-one looked at him? One exhausted man. Leave him be; can't afford his project but think it will be useful, and he plays a mean guitar. My personal take best wishes.

  5. This post about longevity supplements is interesting. The human’s longevity depends not on what we eat as healthy food, but what we like to eat as a tasty natural food. Desirable food depends on our life style, and contribute a lot in our longevity that can be extended for very long time, almost indefinitely, as was discovered by Allen Omton and Serge Dobrow.

    John Logger

  6. This guy is almost a scammer. His "diet" is: vegan diet on low calories and then once every 6 months a complete fast for a few days. That's it.
    And he even sells his box with bags of "potato sauce", that cost less than 10 dollars, and he sells them for 200 dollars. Isn't this a scam?
    He basically didn't do anything, he just suggested a vegan diet and added a few days of fasting per year. Yet he sells this BS and it's expensive.

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