Chosen by God: Biblical Tale of Sampson Comes to Life on Big Screen

Chosen by God: Biblical Tale of Sampson Comes to Life on Big Screen



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  1. Samson was a Nazarite. Nazarites were not allowed to cut thier hair. They were a small group of Jehovah's people set aside for Special Services.
    The cutting of the hair or "shaving of the head" was an all-out act of DISOBIDIANCE to Jehovah, thus the loss of power. The power wasn't in the hair. A lot of folks have long hair. It was the vow Samson took as a Nazarite.
    P.S. Jesus being the GREATEST Nazarite of them all for us, remained FAITHFUL to his vows to Jehovah to his death on earth. Now our Reining King in heaven today as we speak.

  2. VIOLENCE and FIGHTING was not Samson's only answer to Jehovah's enemies. We still have enemies today that we prayerfully and peacefully address accordingly. Jehovah is our Judge. Jesus is our mediator.

  3. The movie was okay, some cool action and the casting of Samson was pretty awesome, the characters were a bit weak tho, and the decision to make Samson into a confused kid who makes mistakes instead of the sorta Arrogant womanizer He is in the Bible kinda misses the point of the whole story

  4. The movie would have been greater if this would have had better actors.
    You can find a lot of talent between news actors, the cast of this movie was so cheap and bad done. Delilah is ugly, Samson a joke and the villains, omg.
    Even the movie of Anthony Hamilton was better than this version.

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