'Reckless Love' Tops Charts: Cory Asbury Shares Story Behind the Worship Song Sweeping the Globe

‘Reckless Love’ Tops Charts: Cory Asbury Shares Story Behind the Worship Song Sweeping the Globe



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  1. The reckless end Of God in my life of of all the time of my life all the disobedience and the perverted way and the many years of addition he had me and Im so grateful for his Grace and mercy he has shown me thank you father

  2. The love of God seems reckless to men despite of me being a worse sinner that no one could ever forgive me, still God came to search me and left the 99.
    Isn't God's love seems to be reckless to a man??

  3. Definition of reckless: heedless, careless, headstrong, rash, imprudent, lacking good sense, creation of substantial and unjustifiable risk to the lives and safety of others. Where is scripture is God's nature or character or His love in any way described as such? Why do we insist on ascribing sinful, human behavior to a Holy, Righteous and Perfect God? God's love is not reckless. His love through Jesus Christ is SACRIFICIAL. There is a huge difference. Should we continue to offer to our perfect and Holy Father a song, (as well intentioned as it might be), that mischaracterizes and slanders His Holy character? I realize that Cory here has composed a song with the best of intentions, but good intentions do not equal truth and we are called to worship God in Spirit AND in TRUTH. Reckless love is not truthful about God's love.

  4. Reckless Love is loving someone with all of your heart in the off chance that they might love you back just as much. That is exactly the kind of love God has for us. Cory Asbury explained it perfectly in his song. I wouldn't change a thing.

  5. Why are people not understanding the love of God being reckless ? He leaves the 99 to pursue the 1, he runs down flights without any concern for himself, how it may look to others, he doesn’t care, not even considering the cost, to him, it doesn’t matter, he bankrupts heaven to have you … basically he continues to love you no matter what you do, even to his detriment he continues to love you, over his dead body he continues to love you, reckless is a perfect human word for how God loves, simply because human beings don’t understand that God is love – to everyone on here worried about the word reckless I challenge you the become more intimate with Jesus you simply don’t understand him as you could, and drop what you think you know about him and become personal with him you will experience the shear reckless love he has for each of us. Stop hating on this mans message and experience Jesus individually as he has, you simply can’t understand something you haven’t experienced yet

  6. God is not reckless. Reckless driving is reckless. God is sovereign, which is the opposite. I don't care about your interpretation of how God acts. That is a fallen creatures interpretation. That is why we have the Bible. And the Bible says the opposite of God.

  7. I see all of the comments and all of the responses. There is no need to argue the point at all. Just find the concept of "Reckless Love" in scripture. Let scripture dictate if God's love is Reckless (By Definition – (of a person or their actions) without thinking or caring about the consequences of an action.)

  8. The Holy Spirit entered my body. i really felt it when he entered me. i was filled with peace, love and comfort. God shared his love with me and gave me understanding of how much he really loves all of us. God loves the worst person out there. Even a murderer who killed 50 million ppl. God said he loves that person and hes ready to forgive them if only they ask. He's ready and willing to forgive u and remember ur sins no more. It was love that none of us could express. God told me he doesnt want hell for any of us. Hes not mean at all like some of us may see him. He only warns us because he loves us so much and wants us being reconciled back to him. I felt the holy spirit grieve in me. i started weeping nonstop for hours. The Holy Spirit was weeping for all the lost souls. He told me to pray and plead with God for forgiveness, mercy, grace and more time for all the lost sinners. pray that they come into a repentance and God softens their heart. God doesn't want hell for us. He weeps when 1 soul goes to hell. The lil bit of grief he allowed me to feel was too much for me to bear. i told God i cant handle this grief. its too much for me. God took the grief away from me. He just wanted me to know how high, deep and wide his love really is. I had hate for my enemy and unforgiveness but God gave me HIS OWN love for my enemy. And now i have love for my enemy and ive been trying to help him get saved and be reconciled back to God. There's no way u can love ur enemies on ur own. U can only love ur enemies when u SHARE in Gods love 😊💖 God is truly beautiful and he loves you so much. He doesnt want bad for u. He wants u to know and feel how much he loves you and he is for u 😊💖 we may fail God and get mad at him, but God will never fail us and will never leave us. I know this from experience😊 Jesus loves u 💖😊 read the bible starting in the book of John 😊 The NLT version is more easier to understand than KJV 😊💖

  9. If a professional hard working woman falls in love with a serial killer who murdered 5 women, to her family and friends that would be 'reckless' love. But God too loves that serial killer just like that woman does. Under human standards that is reckless love. That is what the song is trying to say.

  10. The beauty of the English language is that it is forever changing. It’s alive. Unlike say Latin. Words’ meanings change throughout time and space. Those hung up on linguistics and some “legalistic” view of how God’s love is defined are frankly missing out. This song is anointed.

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