Is This Child Abuse?: Gay Activists Use 10-Year-Old Boy in 'Drag' to Promote New York City Pride Eve

Is This Child Abuse?: Gay Activists Use 10-Year-Old Boy in ‘Drag’ to Promote New York City Pride Event



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  1. do some research on the child and you will find that the 2 people who hangs out with all the time are 2 gay guys who are very bad people. one of the guys has killed a person and served time for it as well as both men having several charges agenst them for child neglect and abuse and rape.

  2. thing are getting horable now days . I wish trump would pass a law saying you let your child act like something they are not then you will have the child taken away. the only treouble with the law would be tho and I know since I new several people in the foster system. and that is that the system is broke every child gets molested in the system. out of the 15 different people I new in the system they all sed they wear molested aka raped with in the first day and they children who tried to speak out to the authorities had horable things dun to them some of them would start getting molested every day. a few of them had told me they seen kids kill them selves and when it happen the police and ccp just act like it was a acadent or totly destroy all records and dump the body.

  3. i wonder where all the conspiracy channels will be going to since a lot are getting banned. I found a place called BitChute that once everyone makes the change. Ill be no longer using this orwellian/randian website

  4. If someone is 17 he/she is not a child anymore !! Everybody (in at laest 90 % of the world countries, also in the USA) from the age of 16 can choose a sexual partner which is even "much" older !!

    If a boy of ten would support the rifle assossiation a lot of you US-idiots would make him a hero!! Think about it …. wel if you can LOL !!

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