MercyMe: 'I Can Only Imagine' Movie Stirs Emotions 'I Spent Most of My Life Trying to Bury'

MercyMe: ‘I Can Only Imagine’ Movie Stirs Emotions ‘I Spent Most of My Life Trying to Bury’



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  1. Just beautiful. My niece and I got up early this morning to go see this movie and it was worth it. "I can only imagine." One of my favorite songs. All things are possible with God on our side. Again just a beautiful movie.

  2. I loved the movie… I cried almost through all of it. I had a monster for father, I always thought he hated me and I didn’t know why. He took everything out on me, if I look at him, I would get a beating. A lot of times he tied my hands and feet and threw me in a closet all day. Other he beat me so bad I fainted. We became friend three years before de died. He wanted to go on a road trip with me, make a memory it’s the word they use, unfortunately 3 months before I went to visit him, I got a call, that he had just passed away of a massive heart attack. I got to love that man more in his last three years then I ever did in 49 I had when he passed. Love always flourish, I heard from him the words that made all the difference :” I am so sorry and I love you so much son”. That minute my love explored towards him in my heart. I miss you dad.

  3. My husband and I saw the movie Friday. Tears and laughter. The whole cast was amazing and Dennis Quaid hit it out of the park. Something so awesome coming out of Hollywood, we could only imagine 👍

  4. "Today bring to Me ALL MANKIND, ESPECIALLY ALL SINNERS, and immerse them in the ocean of My mercy. In this way you will console Me in the bitter grief into which the loss of souls plunges Me." 😇St. Faustina of Kowalska please 🙏🏻4us

  5. I actually saw the movie and can relate with my father relationship..I tried getting them to play here and they had contacted me..but I didn't move forward..guess I should luck mercy me.

  6. I'd cried,the moment from Bart singing Amazing Grace to his dying dad up to his funeral. Do I still like the song I Can Only Imagine? Not sure yet and I do know it's a song of joy,about seeing Jesus in heaven.

  7. Watched it tonight with parents after a fight and showing anger at my professional life. When he goes to reconcile, and finds the letter, I pretty much cried, shook, and sniffled through the rest of the movie…

  8. One more thing Bart, I nkow you don't nkow me from Adam, but could you get me the full lyrics or tell me where I could find them, to the little bit of the song you had on that movie …"I'll stand before the Lord of song, wiht nothing on my tongue but hallelujiah?" I've heard several different versions of this song–several different lyrics to the same tune, and I love thsoe lyrics the youth choir on that movie was singing to taht tume so I'd love to hear ro at least read all those particulr lyrics! Thanks. If you can't I understand. I just wish you could've or would've put that whole version of that son gon hte movie! That's ok though that you didn't of course.

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