'I Murdered More People Than Ted Bundy': Former Abortionist Reflects on Painful Past

‘I Murdered More People Than Ted Bundy’: Former Abortionist Reflects on Painful Past



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  1. At 14 I felt I had to abort because of my mother… It has haunted me ever since. This was 22 years ago! I felt I had no choice at the time. I got preg again just a few months later and hid it from my mother. The baby I was carrying nearly died because my body wanted to reject it just as I had done the first time… Adoption is a choice don't do what I did if u feel there is no choice find someone anyone to help you

  2. Denial is a very powerful thing! The usual response from those who support abortion to those who are pro life is a hostile threatening response. I recently told a liberal pro abortionist friend not to mention she's associating with a pro life republican, why, because I do not want to have my life threatened again! Don't want racks to be thrown through my window again! Have my car vandalized again! Have obituary collumns put into my mailbox again! Have bullets taped to my front door again! Yes I have called police and authorities but the slimy gutless cowards always do this anonomously and then lean on planned parent hood and ACLU shyster lawyers threatening law suits.

  3. I see this lamestreet media interview sure didn't mention that the clinics SELL the parts of the babies to companies and for reasons that make me physically sick. Check what flavor enhancers are…..or what's in all vaccines……just check

  4. I never understood why they call it Planned Parenthood. Can someone enlighten me? Maybe a pro-choicer? Or anyone. Its not planned and its not parenting. First time I heard of it, I thought it was for young couples or single mothers. Really threw me a curve when I found out what it actually was. Anyone know?

  5. People forgot to choose morals… teach them the importance of respecting themselves when they are young then a lot of this could be avoided. We live in a filthy permissive society, what can we expect?

  6. 1. Our planet is grossly overpopulated.
    2. There is not one birthcontrol alternative that is 100% effective.
    3. When you die, it is illegal for the hospital to use your organs if you haven't registered as an organ donor when you were alive because that's YOUR body. So basically you're saying a carcass has more right to their own body than a living woman.
    4. A fetus is not a person. It is not conscious. Especially not during the time frame when abortion is an option. If it's the heartbeat that is important then why do we pull the plug on people who have suffered brain death? That's a person who has lived, and yet when their consciousness goes we consider them basically dead already, even with a heartbeat so.. if you're against abortion, wouldn't you also think it a fantastic idea to keep all these braindead people alive too? Because you know? Heartbeat?

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