One Man's Plan to End Haiti's Cycle of Extreme Poverty and Dependence by Investing in Its People

One Man’s Plan to End Haiti’s Cycle of Extreme Poverty and Dependence by Investing in Its People



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  1. Joseph Atwill an amerikkka biblical scholar found ancient documents that say Jesus was created to decieve blacks by Roman aristocracy.. You white liars. funny how the lie worked and destroyed black Communities all over the world.. The zionist and trinitarians created all these black belief systems voodoo also

  2. Yo my parents are Haitian I was born abroad but still hold haiti close to me that's my babe I coming to do the same thing build up Haiti I to have a construction company soon pack up to move to Haiti and start helping doing my part for my country and encourage you out there you have Haitian parents and was born abroad to help build up your parents country no matter wat u can give jus give and it ain't about money donate your knowledge and skills you obtain being in a foreign country Haiti is beautiful and full of potential I know went there for two weeks and stayed almost two months never felt at home in my life first time in my life I felt relax and free cause no one was looking down at me as a Haitian someone who don't belong here a piece of trash anyone born abroad and came from Haitian origin knows what I'm talking exactly what I'm talking bout Haiti will be number 1 again the real land of the free 1804!

  3. I'm very proud to be a descendent of Haitian history. My people fought to be free. Fought to be an independent country. We will always fight to be free from Clinton's, u.s. irs. & And other powers governed by Man. And to top it off . They will always hate the first free slaveless country. Are you free. Hmm😉

  4. fake news CBN. Most of the aid never went to haiti. Red cross took in 500 million and build only6 houses. just like katrina the money disapper at the hands of the donors. The haitian goverment was sideline and the clintkn foundation were the one in controll.

  5. You want to help Haiti. Tell the US to stop preventing the Haitian government from recognizing China. Chinese co-operation is doing wonders all over Africa and other countries. The US bully is preventing Haiti from participating.

  6. Its like a candy store for religious pedophiles in haiti. Don't give up voodoo for imperialist criminals who are put on masks to bulshit people. What about the 20 billion dollars the Clinton stole from Haiti TALK about that. They are taken away the land with all its natural resources and give us Jesus and that some bulshit.

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