Bible Ban: God's Word Disappears from Online Stores in China

Bible Ban: God’s Word Disappears from Online Stores in China



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  1. UK with Richard Dawkins, and USA with Bill Maher, are both media champions for the modern atheism movement; yet they don't hesitate to blast North Korea and China, for becoming the atheist states both UK and USA aspire to be. I this isn't outright hypocrisy, I don't know what is….

  2. I find it ironic that only the Christian bible is being banned, when the Koran is not? Christianity and Islam being the two main faiths in the world, why only the Christian bible and literature? Why is Christianity the only faith that is such a threat to the system? Makes you think doesn't it? Or is the Koran next in line?

  3. Wow are you kidding me you are ancestors of Jewish descendent. You are from Abba Yahweh from those 10 tribes that were lost and know coming back from are father Abrahams. The rath of Abba Yahweh will come because of Idolatry, Idols. Be careful who you worship.

  4. Another example of intolerance perpetrated by Chinese government.. Now Bible, next Quran, and other who deemed "foreign culture" will be sacked… This will cause civil unrest as millions of worshippers is being constrained their rights.. not a great plan

  5. What does the Chinese and the other nations have to do with the word of the Living God. They have there religion and there Idol God, like the other nations, these includes America. They have never experienced his Judgements/Punishments. The laws were "NEVER" given to them as a people/nation nor any other nations, Only the Israelites byword blacks, hispanics and native Indians. The very people you and other nations have been treating like sh@t for centuries and still today.

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