Police Chaplin Who Prophesied Trump Win in 2016 Says God is Using the President for Higher Purpose

Police Chaplin Who Prophesied Trump Win in 2016 Says God is Using the President for Higher Purpose



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  1. pra everday for our president who is working for our people and bringing back christianity.. Pray for his success for te wall and to get these illegals that are here for killing ur peole. from our country. Pray that these corrupt people in the goverment brought to justice.

  2. The shroud thing I do not agree with. Jesus was beet, his skin torn, his body was bruised. The person I. That shroud is none of those things. God will not give us an idol to look to. To many people worship that thing. Our worship and belief is done in faith..not the kissing or touching of a thing but our heart to him. So, this could have been a man that once lived, but it's not Jesus.

  3. This is not Jesus Christ the Lord as no human beings can see his face.
    Have so much light on his face that if you look you can die as its like looking at the Sun. Honestly to all the people said I saw Jesus face, don't believe. Only maybe the Lord will allow children's to see him, part from that forget it.

  4. I ask for salvation of my marriage, kids may my husband and kids come to God and serve him. My God will always be our guide may we not move one fingure until God tells us to move may it will always be God will in our life not our will amen amen.

  5. Kim Clement prophesied the same in 2007, I believe. A video was posted here in 2014 but it was posted online years earlier. He said Trump would be President. I know some didn’t trust him but that was accurate. He also talked about the mantel and Elijah, Elijah.

  6. i pray that god protect the innocent ones the ones who are dying for a better life ,the ones who run from tyrany and prosicution ,but reveal those who wish to bring harm and destruction to the building of faith ,belief love and mercy in the name of jesus amen

  7. It's sad that hold this man up as a prophet.! You are acting very irresponsibly. Someone thinking Trump will win doesn't make them a prophet. I expected more from you. It's very sad. I am now questioning wether you are deserving of anyone's financial support.

  8. What higher purpose to be a bigoted corrupt racist? Even Judas had a purpose in God plan. Would you have followed him? True Chridtians do jot ge fooled. Please tell bit as it is?

  9. Wow!!! This just HIT ME!!!!!!! I do not like Donald Trump's ways and the things he says and does that hurts people to the CORE. BUT I DO BELIEVE just as this guy said that TRUMP is being used to WAKE UP THE CHURCH!!!!!! TRUMP himself is NOT a follower of CHRIST but he is being used GREATLY! It is an EXPOSURE of OUR HEARTS on a WHOLE. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

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