Muslim Family Tortured by Visible 'Demonic Bat Creatures,' Then Dad Literally Sees 'the Light' of Je

Muslim Family Tortured by Visible ‘Demonic Bat Creatures,’ Then Dad Literally Sees ‘the Light’ of Jesus



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  1. Haha..same daily miracles.. Haha
    Hey trinitarians your faith revolves around miracles while our faith revolves around absolute faith and trust in Almighty..FYI even ordinary Sufi saints can easily perform miracles ranging from curing sick to giving life to the dead read the life stories of sufis you will know Islam has given the world greatest spiritual legacy of any religion with hundreds of thousands of great Sufi saints from Africa to China and Russia to India…Proud to be a Muslim

  2. This is the most ignorant thing I have ever seen. Any Muslim will tell you that divination of any kind such as reading ouija boards and tea leaves is demonic and has no place in the Islamic religion. The Quran strictly forbids this…but hey, to each his own. Truth always prevails.

  3. Aliens come in my dreams and tell me they are God, so should I start worshiping Aliens….Anynow you people need to watch a video called the Throne of Allah mindblowing and you will be mindblown…also listen to experts like Mufti Menk and Omar Suleiman about who Jesus is and other questions you may have because a wise person finds God by attaining proper knowledge from authentic sources, not depend on dreams or thoughts….And if a person capable of rathional thinking TRUELY cares about God and finding the truth, then He WILL do it by attaining proper knowledge, not hallucinating.

  4. My Daughter saw the same demons in the mirror, she told me she woke one night to one licking her arm, I used to be affraid of demons until I trusted in our Lord Jesus, I pray that my children find Jesus before the second coming of our Lord, Pray for those who do not know Jesus. Amen

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