'Gathering of the Exiles':  After Thousands of Years, Jews Come Home to Israel

‘Gathering of the Exiles’:  After Thousands of Years, Jews Come Home to Israel



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  1. When they have to pass condoms and birth control pills in elementary school in isreal you know it is not Holly land anymore. It is completely politics and many people are going to regret moving

  2. It was sooo nice to meet yuppy new commers..they were loaded, dinning at the waldorf astoria? .it was a real blessing to be able to spend a bit of time with them in the jewish quarter and bang downtown Jerusalem as well, they were sooo down to earth and kind to me a tourist..another Israel visit beckons

  3. There are no tribes today. The genealogies were all destroyed 2000 years ago when the Temple and Jerusalem burned. The religion is a self styled rabbinism, used to fill the vaccum left of the extinct Levites. The rabbis have no authority at all over anyone, and especially not thier self styled Noahide religion for the gentiles.

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