'Climate Change Denier' Marc Morano Pushes Back on Global Warming Hysteria

‘Climate Change Denier’ Marc Morano Pushes Back on Global Warming Hysteria



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  1. 80 international academies of science endorse the 97% consensus on climate change. No scientific organization of any national or international standing rejects the consensus that human activity is warming the planet. We can believe them—backed by an army of PhDs—-or we can believe Marc Morano, with zero education in climatology and funded by the oil industry. This isn't politics. This is science. Use your critical thinking skills.

  2. Did You Know?
         Polar bears are doing so well that climate campaigners have dropped them as their icon!
         Sea level rise rates have not accelerated for over a century!
         Antarctica is gaining ice:

  3. Remember. Real Science has measurements. Data. Details.

    Public discussion of scientific subjects requires details. Things like Climate whenever you see a complex subject like climate made out to be simple it is 100 percent propaganda. Political nonsense and Ia not science

    Numbers. Currently atmospheric CO2 is said to be around 400 parts per Million!!! Tiny !
    And 300 of that is natural ! And it’s andamn good thing because with NO CO2 all plants die. Most Life stops. On earth

    Are people unable to see the foolishness of the Climate hysteria? There is no way we can eliminate CO2. We exhale it 24/7. You probably emit more CO2 than a modern car because you never stops exhaling CO2!

  4. Marc Morano is not a climate change denier, he and all other sane people acknowledge that climate changes all the time and always has done. "Denier" is simply a lazy media term. Any sensible person would, in the face of the many claims made, be skeptical. A skeptic is someone who holds the default scientific position when anyone makes any claim about a matter of science – such as global warming or global cooling – "What evidence have you and how did you arrive at it?".

  5. There are many apparent impacts on the ecosystem of the world that have been caused by man. We need to reign in on a lot of areas, but, should avoid giving into the political hysteria related to global warming. Plastics in the ocean and deforestation is a real issue. All of these issues can be passed off on many 3rd/2nd world societies for this, though. America is pretty clean with everything related to these issues. Yeah, I know I sound like a globalist, I’m more on the side of managing our planet and removing waste that spills into areas that are vulnerable. Mankind is responsible for the defense of the planet’s resources and wildlife. It was our first assignment in creation and we must take it seriously, not politically like the Left want.

  6. Suzanne here :Yes indeed, Pope Francis has aligned himself with the doctrine of the leftist against what the catholic church preaches. The world was warned as the choosing of the latest pope was in process by global sharing of St Malachi's prophesy..totally spot on as it has turned out. Francis is the first Jesuit pope ever, they have an entirely separate world view! akin to socialism ..He is not good!

  7. Since when did Climate Science became a real science. How come astrophysics, Antarctic ice core drilled samples, seafloor core samples, geological drilled samples, and……. are being ignored because they STATE ("deny") that global warming and ice ages follow behind one another.

  8. AGW is a tool of the "left", BUT it's really a tool of the globalist elite who are "outside" of the political system. The UN is nothing more than the elites vehicle to overtake national sovereignties and corral all populations under their umbrella of rule and taxation. Just look at the UN agendas 21, 2030 and Codex Alimentarius and their desired to push identity politics, migration pacts, etc. All designed to destroy and dissolve. Ordo ab Chao.

  9. All he is saying, is all something I have researched and found too, so I can back up every words he is saying… Not that it means much tho, but thinkit's incredible he found allthe same things I have 🙂

  10. "denier" is such a negative word. Funny how the media labels things they don't want people to believe or be a part of. Climate "changes" every several years. this is a climate hoax, people wake up, its a political tool, that's it.

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