Challenging Climate Change: Some 'Inconvenient Facts

Challenging Climate Change: Some ‘Inconvenient Facts



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  2. The host doesn't ask enough deep questions, e.g.

    ■ What are the 'Natural Temperature Drivers'? Dr. Willie Soon said moisture in the atmosphere, not CO2, is the real boss that calls the shot in warming the planet. Do you agree? Are there more Natural Temperature Drivers that you can tell us?

    ■ How much has sea level risen since we've ever measured it with reliable equipment, maybe with simple measuring poles?

    We talk facts and we need evidence.

  3. Where does China get all their energy from to make all their 3rd world junk that they import to Walmart e.t.c. that they sell for 1st world prices,
    which barely lasts beyond its waranty.
    I don't hear of climate emergency protestors going to Asian countries in protest. Its only White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Heritage Countries.

    Just as the Anti-Christ in Rome dictated.

  4. Even here where I am 99% in agreement, there is still a misunderstanding about CO2 which NEVER and cannot rise before a rise in warming. CO2 follows a rise in warming – why? Because CO2 is what ALL of nature and us humans of course, EXHALE as a result of energy used – when we become more active as a result of a change from winter to summer, obviously energy output causes a CO2 exhaust from all living things thus when creatures become more active that's what we get. When do most bushfires occur – Summer of course – Meanwhile it is always warmer in one hemisphere and colder in the other so there's a balance in place. When do you get the most exercise ? So you exhale it and plants inhale it through tiny holes under their leaves (you can see them with a magnifying glass) and they retain the Carbon for their growth and the O2 is breathed out and that represents 21% of the atmosphere. That's Right – the oxygen we breathe in is O2 (dioxide) because single atoms of oxygen are free radicals and we'd never exist in the first place. Get it ?

  5. Whitestone states that CO2 levels in the atmosphere and global surface temps are rising. Then he says these conditions are beneficial because the Earth is greening and food production is increasing. I would agree with that up to a certain point. When the CO2 levels and warming increases beyond that point, it become harmful, and we are past that point. It's like oxygen. We need it to live, and a small increase in the bloodstream may help to heal an injury or disease. But too much oxygen in the bloodstream will kill you. He also states that solar activity is low right now (solar minimum), and yet global surface temps and ocean temps are rising, and the Arctic, Antarctic, and Greenland ice are melting. Must not be the sun.

  6. I've already begun to increase my co2 emissions where possible and as much as possible, I suggest that we all start doing so to counter the catastrophic co2 reductions imposed by the governments.

  7. It is a fact that places like Alaska are losing tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of acres of permafrost each year and the SOUTHERN pine beetle is killing an equal number of acres of forest there, that never happened prior to the 80's. Also huge chunks of glacial ice is breaking away from Antarctica, one famous event was a chunk nearly the size of Rhode Island broke away. What he said about ice cubes in a glass of water won't raise the level is true, but this ice isn't in the water, it's breaking off the land and falling into the water. The correct analogy would be to add ice cubes to that glass and let them melt. Just ask the governments of The Netherlands and Venice if water level is rising as the Dutch built a huge movable dam they didn't need prior and Venice has water seeping into homes during high tide now. So rising sea levels are a fact. We can't continue to increase the consumption of oxygen, cars, coal and yes even people and keep reducing the amount of oxygen producers by destroying the Earth's rain forests at an astounding rate. To ignore these facts is just stupid.

  8. lots of good graphs and data at Adapt2030 showing sun in natural cooling cycles. Every 11 yrs because of Jupiter orbiting the sun and also every 400 which is due around 2030 which will be even cooler. Germany has biggest sun simulator China & S. Korea as well as they know sun is going into cooling. we have sun simulator in front of our sun right now patented in late 1960's. Looks like giant honeycomb of bright white light with a black spinning dot in center. Skies heavily aerosol sprayed. Youtube "Fake Sun: Solar Sun Simulator finally unmasked Pt.1 and JeffP and Fusion Power starting in many countries for energy when sun cools.

  9. Fact: In 2006 Al Gore said "If half the ice in Greenland and half the ice in western Antarctica broke up and melted, sea level would rise by 20 feet." No timetable for that was given. Climate change deniers are all just shilling for the wealthy who would rather maintain their profit margins than do anything to deal with the reality of climate change.

  10. There are three main gases that cause the greenhouse effect.
    One, and the least important, methane, which stays mostly around the ground
    Two, Carbon dioxyde
    And three, and hugely more responsible than the others, water vapor… try and stop the sun from evaporating water from the oceans to create, you know, clouds.
    As for CO2, it goes like this
    Any combustion needs oxygen.
    The fuel is burned, energy is released, the carbon gets attached to the oxygen, and there goes the CO2.
    Meanwhile plants need CO2. They collect energy from the sun, collect the CO2, break it into carbon, which they use for its own growth, and release the oxygen back into the cycle. No wonder the guy says crops are abundant. Abundance of CO2 is actually good for plants. It's their food.
    By the way, there are several types of combustion. One that is not usually spoken of is the one going inside you. You eat to get carbon in your system; you breathe to get oxygen in the mix; you get energy and release CO2.
    Shall we all stop breathing? No wait. Let the climate alarmists stop breathing

  11. Here are some scientific facts that clearly show that an increase in CO2 does not lead to any significant increase in temperature

    The co2 concentration today is 400ppm. The temperature is circa 18c.

    in the Jurassic period the co2 concentration was 2000ppm, [5 times greater than today] the temperature was 22c.

    in the Triassic period the co2 concentration was 2500ppm [ 6 times greater than today] the temperature was 22c.

    in the Ordovician period the co2 concentration was 3000ppm [7.5 times greater than today] the temperature was 17c

    in the Cambrian period the co2 concentration was 6000ppm [15 times greater than today] the temperature was 22c

    For most of the time the planet was thriving not frying, the data shows that temperature is independent of co2 concentration

    Look at the data for the Cambrian. The co2 concentration is 15 times what it is today but the temperatures is about the same as it is today. Look at the Ordovician , the CO2 concentration was 7.5 greater than it is today and yet the temperature was 2 degrees lower than it is today.

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