Jerusalem Dateline: 06/01/18 Iran behind Latest Round of Gaza Rocket Attacks

Israel strikes Gaza after Iranian-backed Extremists pummel Israel with rockets; plus anti-Semitism alive and growing in Europe; and Pat Boone celebrates Israel’s 70th birthday; and Springs of Hope — how one Israeli woman is helping Yazidis.



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  1. Free Tommy Robinson! British girls have been gang raped by Muslims, one had her tongue nailed to a table while she was gang raped. Islam is a totalitarian political ideology, and cannot live peacefully with others. It never has. Study history.
    For God's sake, English men, STAND UP!

  2. Lets look at casualty figures, that would sort out who is the victim here. The rest is pushing political correctness as a cover to hide the aggressor's crimes. It really does innocent jewish communities in Israel as well as across the world no good when Likudniks hide behind anti semitic taboo while committing untold crimes against their fellow semites. It will make attitudes harden obviously. So look at why and tackle the root cause. Lipstick and pigs comes to mind. Everybody knows the truth so CBN please for a change try and be honest for once and address the real issues if you want Israel to prosper.

  3. Violent protest? Lol
    How many people injured in the Israeli side on that "Violent' protest? NONE. But they killed 60 unarmed protestors including 8 month old baby, 15 years old girl shot in the head and a doctor from Canada who was there only to help people. INJURED MORE THAN 2000 people.

  4. I pray to God that Tommy Robinson is set free from all the bondages and strongholds of those demons that think that they can destroy the work that JESUS CHRIST has ordained him for … LORD you said in your word that If you be for us who can be against us….SET HIM FREE LORD, TO NOT ONLY FIGHT FOR WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THESE CHILDREN BUT TO COME TO KNOW U MORE AND SPREAD YOUR GOSPEL AS WELL!!!!!! AMEN

  5. The enemies of the country are Muslims and their slavish supporters in the guise of political leaders who are actually traitors against the indigenous people of UK, they are on the pay roll of Saudi Arabia to promote obnoxious ideology of Islam. Kick them out.

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