News on The 700 Club: June 4, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” June 4.: Trump Declares on Twitter ‘I Have Absolute Right to PARDON Myself’; The Inspector General report on how the FBI handled Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is expected any day; An Unlikely Partnership …



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  1. Please, Please, someone, arrest Clinton, now. She committed TREASON, TRIED TO HIDE HER ACTIVITIES, BY DESTROYING CORRESPONDENCE ! The reason she did not follow protocol, is because she wanted to hide her messages. This behavior is a serious felony and she must pay. I am sick of this complex political scandal! TREASON, HIGH TREASON, isn't that punishable by life in prison?

  2. The people of this nation are sick to death of this witch hunt headed by Mueller. Mueller is less than honorable and he should be fired and the whole affair should be shut down. The american taxpayers are tired of paying our hard earned tax dollars to him. So time to wrap this tiresome and old witch hunt to a close. YES WRAP IT UP!!

  3. "Witch" hunt…..exactly. What do witches do? They cast spells and in this case they are casting all of the efforts toward their enemy (Pres. Trump) away from good ole' Hillary. It is so obvious.

  4. Trump is an overated salesman. He shoots his mouth off like a tornado and needs to repair the damages done. Poor Americans trying to be faithful, showing trust and not knowing where the wind will blow next.

  5. Except that Trump keeps lying… then getting caught in lies and revising his lies with other lies. ("I never met with Russians" … "well I did, yes." ) Where there's smoke…. "How can a president obstruct justice?" – dear God, Pat, apparently you don't remember Richard Nixon. What we're sick of is Christian leaders selling out to money and power, which you have done over and over.

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