'I Hope They See Jesus': Fox

‘I Hope They See Jesus’: Fox



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  1. Cbn news please teaching in public place prayer in America and Europe nations. Other religion's public prayer is not prayer. That is skit. All peoples well study holy Bible and teach all peoples in world. Please note god's word. Mathew 6-5, Mathew 7- 15 to 20, colossians 2-23, Mathew 23-15 . Jesus Christ bless your team and all peoples in world

  2. What a beautiful lady! Thank God for her and for her boldness in our Precious Lord Jesus Christ! May the Lord continue to Bless her and keep her safe, and that He will continue to keep her career growing! God has blessed her with a beautiful daughter and she sure deserves her!

  3. Thank you… No one is perfect, people are just sharing their experiences and there is nothing wrong with that . Yes… hater's and it's sad…..tell your raggedy story….it just might help someone. 😊

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