Jerusalem Dateline:06/08/18 Gaza Palestinians Send Fire Kites to ‘Burn the Jews'

Palestinians launch terror fire kites from Gaza to ‘Burn the Jews’; and a look at the Gaza border where tens of thousands protest violently; plus Jews and Christians pray together for the peace of Jerusalem at the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast.



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  1. Isreal needs to employ drones with heat seekers to intercept each kite with a hook arm that catches the kytes and bring. Them safely to the base for destruction. Kind of a kite dome

  2. Biggest mistake was to NOT build the 3rd Jewish Temple, remove the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque, and once and for all take away the Islamic control over the Jewish temple mount!  Moshe Dayan is a fool for returning the control of this Jewish city and Temple Mount back in the hands of Muslims who only want death to Jews and Christians.  It's a price of constant terror and warfare Israel and Jews will pay for eternity!  After all,  Muslims pray toward Makkah in Saudi Arabia and NOT Jerusalem.

  3. Terror at the Gaza border with Israel is correct, but it wasn't fire kites that brought terror to the border. Israeli snipers killed hundreds of unarmed protesters who were a distance away from the fence and wounded thousands more, that is the terror.

    After the snipers targeted journalists and medics killing several and wounding several more did the fire kites began. Yes, fires were started, but seriously, the IDF can shoot rockets from the sky, but they can't shoot balloons drifting in the wind? There was a video of a Stettler starting a fire, I wonder how many fires were started this way, report on that in all fairness.

    Shame as it ever was… and continues on and on, but not as @nikkihaley had said it would, "forward" as in the peace process. Killers gonna Kill.

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