'Christians Are Not Your Enemies': Franklin Graham's Message to the North Korean Government

‘Christians Are Not Your Enemies’: Franklin Graham’s Message to the North Korean Government



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  1. I'm excited for the possibility of peace with North Korea Trump is a great negotiator and I do believe that North Korea wants peace and they also want respect and they'll get it and Donald Trump

  2. Could you do a report on Hawaii, the country seem to have forgotten the people who are sleeping in cars in parking lots with children at Wal-Mart, Kmart and other places. They are not getting any help. A missionary over there even found out that some of the natives are from the lost tribes of Israel. Whether so or not , no one seems to care. Check out the video "codesearcher" on YouTube. The watchman, missionary drone footage, his name is johnathon mathew. Thank you.

  3. Christians live in a Fantasy World of Religious Insanity. mcg-truth blogspot
    Live in a Delusion; which is some kind of Crazy. Make believe imaginary magical friend not going to change you into a little God, live forever,NO.
    Evolution has been proven true. Man Created God. Amen. Amen Amen.
    First steps in changing the timing and direction of Human Evolution. DNA, genetics, CRISPR; everday evolution proven true.
    Change, turmoil, and Religious violence.

  4. You fools follow what these people tell you and not what's written in the bible AND THINKS YOU'RE SERVING GOD OR JESUS!
    If you read your bibles you wouldn't follow him.
    He never presented to anyone A complete story out of the bible and provided its moral or meanings.
    You must know the entire story to get the message!
    They remove scriptures from the stories and tell lies about them.
    FIND THE END OF THE WORLD IN REVELATIONS? It's not there. Never was. No prophecy of it!
    No Jesus coming back either!
    What does your bible teach you about God?
    Why do you need someone to tell you what's written in a bible you have and know how to read?

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