Out of Bankruptcy: A New Detroit Motors Ahead in Season of Revitalization

Out of Bankruptcy: A New Detroit Motors Ahead in Season of Revitalization



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  1. I wish us Christ followers would use the term "integrity" instead of pride. The Word talks about the negatives of being prideful. I know what is meant when people say pride, they really mean respect, integrity. Pride comes before the fall. Proverbs 16:18.

  2. Im Canadian and visited Détroit in 96. Its was fun and people were nice. I was really sad to see it going down. Happy its coming around. Bless.

  3. Sorry – we've heard this same narrative many, many, many times before.
    Detroit is dead. It was was already very ill, but the death blow came in in the summer of 1967. It just took thirty year's to slowly bleed out.

  4. Detroit can be a great city if they invest in it and do like they did with NYC. (BK and Harlem) back in the 90s when it was really bad now these areas are very safe and expensive

  5. detroit has low rent low property taxes, wide streets and good public transportation. it has everything the other major booming hubs lack. people are sick and tired of paying all their paycheck in rent and mortgage and the crumbling infrastructure in east coast cities. companies are tired to people missing work because the subway broke down! I see sooner rather then latter companies will move to Detroit or cleveland or other cities with good public transport, which have lower housing cost. detroit must do better work with special zoning like medical/biotech just make it easy for company to move in.

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