Why Evangelicals Want Trump to Pick Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court

Why Evangelicals Want Trump to Pick Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court



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  1. President Trump has been battling armies of self-righteous prosecutors since his inauguration so he should appoint an experienced public defender like 8th Court of Appeals Court judge Jane L. Kelly, who knows all the nefarious games prosecutors play, to the United States Supreme Court and watch the sparks fly between the Supreme Court, the FBI, the Justice Department and the Mueller team. She isn't likely to be too easy on violent criminal offenders after having been beaten severely by an assailant while jogging back in 2004.

  2. Yale has a brilliant Constitutional scholar Akhill Reed Amar who is a master of American constitutional and legal history and has written several books to prove it. He would stir up the Congress and Supreme Court even more than 8th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Jane L. Kelly, who has extensive experience as a public defender.

  3. Have not the so-called Christian Evangelicals done enough damage to our country by electing Trump. I am having a hard time explaining to my children that our President and the people who work with him have trouble telling the truth, that many people do not believe the nasty things he says about people from other countries and that it is not okay to separate children from their parents. My children cannot sleep at night worrying that men in uniforms will come knocking at our door and will take them away just like they have seen on television. They have asked why the President does the very things that they are taught not to do. My daughter wanted to know why the President thinks his golf game is important than children being locked up in prison crying for their Moms and Dads. My daughter watched the news and saw the supporters of Trump saying that it was a good thing to lock up people in cages and to separate them from their children as they should not have come to America and were not welcome. My daughter wanted to know why these people who claim to be good Christians can be so cruel. To all of those people who have turned a blind eye to the lack of values and morals coming from the White House, maybe you can come up with a good answer.

  4. I know you guys wanted and prayed for Amy Coney Barrett to be nominated but unfortunately she didn't get the nod. I was hoping for Mike Lee but he didn't get it either. The nod went to Brett Kavanaugh. The man is Catholic as am I but even we Catholics make mistakes. So even though the ones we wanted didn't make it, let's pray that the Holy spirit guides Kavanaugh during his years on the SC.

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