Christian World News – July 6, 2018

The World Cup becomes an undercover mission to spread the gospel, dramatic protests erupt in the streets of Iran, and a doctor gives up everything to serve those who need him the most in Africa



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  1. et us look at the “Sons of God” mentioned in Genesis 6:2, 4; Job 1:6; 2:1; 38:7 and Psalm 89:6. We will find that they are NOT angels. The phrase “Sons of God” can refer to one of two things. Since it is clearly possible for ordinary human beings to be called the “Sons” or the “Children” of God, these “Sons of God” were either human beings called by that name, or they were part of a group of other spiritual beings in heaven with a special rank that designates them as the “Sons of God”

  2. no metter what say even the jew torah has beng chanhed because no one belved jesus n first place where is jesuses orgnal book ths new bibles is oraly from greeks they had missundoosd the aramic tranlated in greek because apostols left jursilim they lved n tukey other ways the romans and the jew was going to kll them all .so first christian bible has made frrom the greeks the orthodox chuch then they devaded in defrent churchess and defrent bible . so thats we got so many chutches and bibles that no church eccept each others bible sorry but thats what it is .paul and constantins ruls today not from jesus jesus name was isa not jesus if u look greek bible they calling jesus isu not jesus lol check it.

  3. What Do Muslims Believe about Jesus?
    Muslims respect and revere Jesus (peace be upon him). They consider him one of the greatest of God’s messengers to mankind. The Quran confirms his virgin birth, and a chapter of the Quran is entitled ‘Maryam’ (Mary). The Quran describes the birth of Jesus as follows:

    (Remember) when the angels said, “O Mary, God gives you good news of a word from Him (God), whose name is the Messiah Jesus, son of Mary, revered in this world and the Hereafter, and one of those brought near (to God). He will speak to the people from his cradle and as a man, and he is of the righteous.” She said, “My Lord, how can I have a child when no mortal has touched me?” He said, “So (it will be). God creates what He wills. If He decrees a thing, He says to it only, ‘Be!’ and it is.” (Quran, 3:45-47)

  4. Hungarian Turanism (Hungarian: Turánizmus / Turanizmus) is a diverse phenomenon that … Hungarian nobiliary historical tradition considered the Turkish peoples the closest relatives of Hungarians. This tradition was preserved in medieval .

  5. Sinology research in Europe

    While the Mongol Empire was in the ascendancy, the power of the Catholic Church seemed to be fading, and the power of the Pope was somewhat shaky. At the same time, the Mongols opened the eastern roads for travel, and the Pope decided that there were now so many evident non-Christians that his power in the West was under severe threat. If he could convert these non-Christians he could regain power. As a result, Jesuit missionaries started to head east. Before spreading Christianity,

  6. warship the only one God, the God who created Juses the Crist and his mother the Virgin Mary, you are wasting your effort if you warship prophet. Juses, or his mother, Angeles,
    And only one who can save is a the only one God,
    and i hope that you realize before go to meet Creator and Creator of Juses and you have to answer the associated His warship to Prophet Juses,
    May Allmighty guide people the all to the right path the of prophets and righteous people,

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